Saturday, November 29, 2003

Spending my time...

I have a few topics tittering in my head to blog about, but they'd have to wait. Or maybe I'll resort to longhand.

While all else is happening around the world e.g. Bush having a Thanksgiving dinner in Iraq, our Works Minister giving out statements regarding the NKVE rockfall and a certain viewtru is contemplating and bullshitting planning various scams strategies (here, here and here) to turn himself into a gadzillionaire millionaire-blogging chap, I am content to while away my sweet 10-days holiday by doing nothing much except relaxing at home, carrying out domestic errands and celebrating raya i.e. entertaining relatives/friends who dropped by for a visit. It always fascinates me each year to see what changes (which cousin got married between this raya and previous raya, who moved house, which niece / nephew are taller than me now) and what doesn’t (the sort of conversation abound - this relative and that relative did bla bla bla during bla bla bla).

Office colleagues Amin and Marine came over this morning, and we went ‘house-hopping’. Four houses (including mine), two half-movies (we watched Ju-on and Scary Movie 3 halfway at Marine’s), several photo albums (Amin has this fixation on looking through other people’s photo albums) and countless consumption of juice and kuih raya later, we were stuffed to the max.

A lawyer ready for some rambutan-picking action before we leave

I went back only to discover that we are expecting more guests at home (Mom’s cousin whom I don’t remember ever meeting before). Ah.. another to add to our long list of relatives. Raya is always a good time for these meetings, in fact if not for this celebration, we might not take much initiative to make such visits. On Dad’s side, there are so many nieces and nephews that I would always mix them up and forget which kid belong to which cousin. I’d find myself calling them with the wrong names all the time, and had to ask whether they are this or that cousin’s children. How I wish they’d wear name-tags, or perhaps colour-coded clothes so that I’d be able to identify which belongs to which family!

Some of the kids (relatives and the neighbourhood children) who came to our house

Come Monday, and it’ll be back to the office routine again, but not for long! There’s this compulsory course coming up from the 7th next month all the way to the 20th. I don’t expect to be able to do much blogging then since I was informed that we’re going to have sessions until 11 p.m., and the first week calls for sports attire some more. Tsk….. group discussions and those there’s-always-something-to-learn-behind-these-simple-activities stuff I suppose…. hrrrmphhh… Those who’ve been through the whole training program told us it’ll be the last chance for us to lose our heads before we have to be all serious and be working really hard. I’ll just enjoy the fun of being together with that particular batch of people before we go to our separate stations. Oh, and I’ll take the chance to learn how to improve myself and serve the organization better as well. Actually, make that the priority. Heh. Don’t wanna take that chance of ending up like Mr. Hanscom.

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