Friday, October 08, 2010

yet another new beginning

Formally received the good news today at work...alhamdulillah.

Just did some 'digging' and realized that it's EXACTLY one year (to the day!) of my first day starting duty at the current office, ain't that such a nice coincidence?

Truthfully, I did have some doubts when I was first informed of moving here. Which was to be expected due to leaving one's comfort zone for uncharted waters, what more in my position where I've been more or less quite out of the loop of things due to my previous postings and line of work. Lots of things in my mind that time, but as always I will gamely take on when faced with new options, especially those that promises bigger and better things at the helm. Hey, who wouldn't?

I'll have to admit apart from the initial minor hiccup, things have been going quite smoothly and in fact I daresay much better than expected. Which I owe a lot of to the people around here, as well as others in my life.

Work, studies, home, family, friends - makes the schedule of a Ted so, so full and exciting.
Some days more than the other. Some people more than the rest. Heeee. Just the way I like it.

That's how it's been for the last 365 days.

Moving onwards.