Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Lyrics: Untukmu Teman (Salam Kedelapan - Gigi)

Wahai temanku, dan sahabatku
terima kasih, atas waktumu

Yang kau berikan, selama ini
rasa tulusmu, dan rasa hormatmu

Persahabatan, kadang melebihi
jalinan kasih, dua manusia

Tak terhapus, rasa cemburu,
yang memisahkan, arti logika

*Kau udara kehidupanku,
yang merasuki diriku

Reff: Perpisahan, tak melepas ikatan kita
hanya teman, yang sejati takkan menghilang

Lagu: Gigi
Lirik: Armand

I love this song. About friendship that's more meaningful than a lover's love.

I'm sure in most people's lives, there are that someone whom you call a friend, but could in some ways understand you even better than you supposedly better-half, and know things that he / she does not. Or the one that's always been there through thick and thin, where the love of one's life might change from one person to the other, yet he / she remains that constant factor in your life.

Let me try and translate it:

Untukmu Teman - Dear Friend

Dear companion, dearest friend / thank you for your time / that you spent all this while / your sincerity, your respect / Friendship can at times be / deeper than the ties that bind / Jealousy has no effect / on what which could have been / You are like the air that I breathe / you are all over me / Apart, still our friendship remains / True friendship would never die

That's my interpretation anyway :)

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