Saturday, February 20, 2010

wonderful life

I wrote in my facebook today : love, is a wonderful experience.

It is.

To have loved, and be loved in return, is the greatest thing you'll ever learn. Haha. From Moulin Rouge (just love that movie, never thought Ewan McGregor could actually sing).

Agreed. Kan, kan.


The new year has been rather eventful, although it's only mid-February.

Trips that someone made.
Trips that I'll be making.
A fresh start - enrolling to school again after all those years.
Getting into the groove at the new workplace.
Coming to terms with being mundane.
Charting the next course of things for the rest.

And I did away with several credit cards, some of which I barely use anyway (oh it was so satisfying cutting them into little pieces!).


I'm starting to forget how it used to be.
And so I am wary to err.
Coz my heart has been torn to pieces, smashed and burnt.
I gathered the ashes, of which are mixed with clay that I found along the way, and molded it into the shape I best thought it used to be.

Doesn't it look like a brick now?

March forward, brick!