Monday, November 24, 2003

Countdown to Raya (Vol. 1)

Had my last outside buka puasa at Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putrajaya (today's buka puasa will of course be at home). It was a last minute plan, so I didn't bring my camera (or else there'd be pictures here!). We had nasi tomato and Haji Samuri's famous Kajang satay. There's lemang (glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk in bamboo) selling at the Taman so we had some of that too. The food was good, especially the nasi tomato. They're having the lemang sale today as well. The place will be open on Hari Raya. The staff who were on duty had their buka puasa with us. Though they can't go back to their kampungs on raya day, their spirits seem good, cheerful even. No long faces or complains or anything like that. My respect goes out for those who go to work on public holidays in order to serve the public. True, they usually get more than usual for that, but imagine their sacrifice in terms of quality time with their families so that we can still get on with our own holiday plans smoothly. For them, a big THANK YOU and a pat on your backs!

Putrajaya seems deserted, we went past only a couple of cars on our way back. Dad missed a turn so we had to go round the whole big roundabout again. I joked that he purposely did that so as to make it seem that there were more traffic than it was. Went on with the baking plan, but only the choc cookies first. I put in some muesli, breakfast grains and oatmeal in the mix so I can call them healthy cookies. Feast your eyes!


Walla! Finished product.

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