Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Everybody knows petrol up by 30 sen but...

Last night, I didn't believe it was going to happen when I received an SMS from my sister as if I remember correctly last time such SMS were passed around, it was just a false alarm.

Ha-ha false alarm my head lah. Padan muka, my tank is on E now.

So by now I am sure that almost everybody affected would already know about the 30 sen increase in petrol prices effective last midnight, and as expected the grouses were many. The government also keeps on giving the same reasons for each hike in the recent years :
"The increase was to tackle the impact from the increase in the price of crude petroleum in the world market and to curb the increase in subsidy which had to be borne by the government.."

And many of us are not satisfied with that.

But we have to read further and have a hard look at the fact that without the subsidy and tax exemption, the prices in the peninsula would have been:

RON 97 - RM2.46 /litre
RON 92 - RM2.37 /litre
Diesel - RM1.98 /litre
LPG - RM3.21 /kg

Now compare that the current (albeit increased) price :

RON 97 - RM1.92 /litre
RON 92 - RM1.88 /litre
Diesel - RM1.58 /litre
LPG - RM1.75 /kg

"Although the government is raising the price of petroleum products, diesel and LPG, the price of petrol and diesel in Malaysia is still cheaper compared to the price of most of these products in the Asean countries except for Brunei Darussalam"

Let's see what our neighbours are paying for their fuel right now:

RON 97 - RM2.52 /litre
RON 92 - RM2.45 /litre
Diesel - RM2.28 /litre
LPG - RM1.65 /kg

RON 97 - RM2.21 /litre
RON 92 - RM2.20 /litre
Diesel - RM1.95/litre
LPG - RM4.90 /kg

RON 97 - RM4.15 /litre
RON 92 - RM3.89 /litre
Diesel - RM2.39 /litre
LPG - RM5.32 /kg

RON 97 - RM2.30 /litre
RON 92 - RM2.20 /litre
Diesel - RM1.68 /litre
LPG - RM1.89 /kg

So come on, we just have to understand and live by these changes. There's not much we can do to prevent the prices from going up, but we CAN take a look at these tips and pick up a pointer or two on how to minimise the effects :

Tips to Save fuel & Money
Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Fuel Economy
Thirty Gas Saving Tips

P.S - Thanks to LONE whose post first made me aware of the facts.

P.P.S - Also, please be aware that other price hike(s?) may also take place soon (or very soon). Please understand the facts and underlying reasons before we start slamming left and right for every hike there's gonna be.

Thanks to comment from reader kimberlycun, let's look at some additional info here (via Wikipedia):

GDP at purchasing power parity per capita for the year of 2004 (the value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year, divided by the average population for the same year):
(figures below in US dollars)
Malaysia : $10,423 (ranked no. 62 out of 192 countries)
Singapore : $26,799 (ranked 25)
Thailand : $7,901 (ranked 72)
Philippines : $4,561 (ranked 108)
Indonesia : $3,703 (ranked 121)

Clearly a hypothetical Singaporean with $26k to spend yearly may not suffer much having to pay $1.11 (at USD 1 = RM3.75) per litre for petrol, but we still have it better in comparison to the rest of the gang, don't we?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

9 Naga : Jangan Percaya Iklan Itu Semua

Jangan sangka ia penuh dengan

aksi-lasak-lompat-terjun-tembak-orang-kejar-mengejar-naik-motor-curi-jetski dan lain-lain lagi.

Ini cerita tentang simpang hidup yang dipenuhi dengan kesilapan, memburu pengampunan dan air mata.

Dan Fauzi Baadilla bukanlah heronya.

Jangan tertipu dengan poster itu.

Tengok dulu, nanti kau akan tau.

Apa, ramai yang kata jalan cerita ini perlahan ya amat? Okey, ada sedikit slow yang keterlaluan di hampir penghujung, tetapi selebihnya aku rasa sesuai dengan mood.

Ehm, habis kalau diorang kata terjun gaung itu best, kau ikut?

(tapi aku kata filem ni best aku nak orang lain pun tengok, haha)

*ah, dulang, paku dan serpih*

Saturday, February 25, 2006

8.28 a.m

You too wouldn't care much about arriving at the office 28 minutes past the time you should clock in if it's to play peek-a-boo with him, would you?

He just learnt to give high-fives. Auwww..

Yes, I know I'm not the only person in the world with a cute nephew.

But the nature of things is that yours would always be the cutest of them all, kan?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

9 Naga

[Sesi apakah ini agaknya ya?]

Terima kasih atas ulasan-ulasan korang semua.

Aku belum baca bukan kerana aku tak suka gaya penulisan kau, atau kerana aku tak suka anak kucing kau. Jauh sekali kerana fahaman politik atau sexual orientation kau, atau apa-apa lagi.

Tapi kerana aku nak tengok dulu dengan nikmat minda yang kosong tanpa preconceived notions.

Dan kerana aku benci spoilers.

Mungkin bukan kau, tapi tukang-tukang komen itu.

[Fauzi Baadila pesan, Wayang ciapa kalo bukan wayang kita! ]

Gambar dari : Website rasmi filem 9 Naga

Monday, February 20, 2006

Off work

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Repeat Monday and Tuesday once every month till August.

Ah, temporary bliss.

Sucking on menthol sweets so as not to fall asleep as the speaker goes on and on with the technical guys about their jointing experience and the latest on cable technology would still beat redoing the capex application feverishly at 5.30pm to catch the GM before he leaves, anytime.

Have a menthol sweet, then a big gulp of water. Cold.
That will really wake you up. For about thirty seconds.

Quick, another menthol sweet!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

'Madefake' dan bangsat yang cantik

"Penzina ibu betul la", kata Daniel, sepupu aku bila dia tak puas hati.

Haha. Diterjemahnya macam tu. Ada ke patut. Tapi sopan sikitlah bunyinya, walaupun ia tetap kata-kata maki. Kata maki yang sopan, gitu. Boleh?


Aku cuba dengar lagu Slank. Keras. Terkejut lagi stereo keretaku.

Bangsatpun jadi gemuk
Berisi darah-darahku
lalu cabut dariku
Aku terkapar kaku !!!

Oh bangsatku yang cantik
jangan kau tinggalkan diriku
Oh... bangsatku tercinta
Jangan kau maki aku... jangan !!!

(dari lagu 'Begitu Saja')

Eh, maki lagi.

Tak adalah, aku masih gadis ayu yang berbaju kurung. Betul.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Advertensi di TV3

Advertensi ?
(rujuk bahagian iklan berbayar dalam Buletin Utama, TV3)

Dei, IKLAN da!

/mula pekatkan sebutan anda

Kok digunain terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia segala? Gimana sih? Apa udah abis kata bahasa sendiri? Kasian deh, lo!

Kayak gitu baik aja aku nonton siaran TVRI atau Indosiar. Pagi-pagi jam setengah delapan udah bisa nonton Info Selebriti, Jumat sore ada Hipnosis yang pasti nggak pantas disiar di sini, Minggu bisa nonton Sepuluh Kali Lipat.

/kembali kepada sebutan biasa

You memang tak 'bomb' la, bang.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grease - is the word

Don't be green, for there's a chance come May, I'll be watching the above, gratis. Ahem.

Oh, don't hate me, please. Not every day a girl gets an SMS offering good stuff like that. Not even if you scrawl her phone number on the wall in public toilet at Level 3 of Amcorp Mall. In all six cubicles.

The other ticket? Hmmm... no one more fitting than my usual partner-in-crime. Yes, it's you. Now, now, don't SMS me to say thanks yet, for it's still not confirmed.

And as we wait for the good news, let's just immerse ourselves in that tingly feeling called anticipation.

How I wish it's the original cast of the 1978 production. Haha, but then they'll be a bit too old to be whispering things like "She's got a bun in the oven" and singing songs about summer love, won't they. But what-ever ever lah kan, I sure wouldn't want to miss a chance to see Sandy, Danny, Kenickie and Rizzo on stage. Whoo-hoo! And Vince Fontaine, of course.

Now everybody!
"You're the one that I want the one that I want ooh-ooh-ooh"

"You're all I need....
Oh yes indeed.."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dosh and dingdongs

You make a frickin'

s i x t y f i v e

a month.

Oh but wait, minus the EPF contribution, of course, would leave just a measly sum of a little over 10K.

That's why it took you two months to pay back my RM200.

Don't bother asking who.


Last night while watching Friends* it struck me that
1. Mamat salehs (or mat-sals) are taking over our house (!), and
2. It's true, my cousins don't consider me a lady enough to behave in my presence

as I bear witness to Adam (half mat-sal), Ridzi (another half mat-sal) and Arnor (true-blue mat-sal Holland mari) 'discussing' the merits of older women, Jennifer Aniston, MILFs and Mariah Carey, in that particular order.

older women = experienced, get straight to the action
Jennifer Aniston = hot chick, anytime also can
MILFs = list of MILFs they've seen around
Mariah Carey = yummy yummy yummy
/end quote

And that, folks, is generally what dingdongs a.k.a hormon-crazed dudes talk about when no lady is around. Hmppffhh!

* The one where Ross finally find out about Rachel-and-Joey.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

One thousand bloggers page

Check out the One Thousand Bloggers Page. Free spots are still available at the moment.

Join One Thousand Bloggers

P.S. I'm at spot no. 51! (very patriotic, I am)