Friday, November 14, 2003

Ban on Nowwhy2

I was rather surprised to read about the ban on OAG's song, Nowwhy2 (a variation of the word nawaitu - niat or intent) which is included in their newly-released album Satelit Ink.

According to the report:

"Lirik Nowwhy2 yang berunsur ketuhanan dikatakan menampilkan maksud yang tidak difahami dan ia boleh menjejaskan pemahaman para pendengar. Sebenarnya, Nowwhy2 kini sedang dalam pemerhatian RTM kerana liriknya yang mengandungi beberapa perkataan yang tidak difahami".

A ban on a song 'yang berunsur ketuhanan', no less. That intrigued me. I went to nearest music shop in Amcorp Mall to get a copy of the album, but the album's already sold out there (see? how true the saying that goes 'any publicity is good, even the bad ones', heheh) so I decided to look in the music shop at Plaza Warisan (got one). All this in order to fully understand what was it that they could not understand.

Since the full lyrics are not included in the inlay, I had to depend on my own two ears to catch the song. And yes, there were bits that I could not understand, so I guess those were the bits 'yang mengandungi beberapa perkataan yang tidak difahami'.

But what made me wonder is that would it be so hard to understand a song's lyrics if you have them in written form? EMI has already sent them a copy, so why still difficult to understand? It's not like it is in Hebrew or Latin (or some other dead language not commonly in use). Ask them for the explanation. Sheesh.
Update (tq armzb0x for the link):
The lyrics as posted in their official website:

Nowwhy2 - OAG

Tiada terlintas langsung
nawai2ku untuk menduwakan dirimu
suqa ragaku murka ja-zatmu
Tiada terlintas langsung
nawai2ku untuk mempersoalkan caramu
suqa ragaku murka ja-zatmu*

Tiada yang lain melainkan NYA 3x
Tiada yang maha selain diri-NYA
Yang maha mengasehi yang maha menyayangi
Tiada yang maha selain diri-NYA
Yang maha mengerti
Yang maha mengampuni..........

repeat 1st verse + Chorus

Langsung tiada tercantas nawai2ku
untuk mempersoalkan caramu
suka ragaku murka ja-zatmu*

tiada yang lain melainkan-NYA
Alaika A Alaika hu alam 4x


My point is, yes, OAG used to be known as an underground group and all, but whatever it is (*the bits that I couldn't comprehend), it's not that they're singing something like "Come... pray to the devil...see the light in darkness" or "Marilah minum arak hisap dadah buat aktiviti seks bebas beramai-ramai". Hmmmm? And it's not like the song has not been played by the local radio stations, only now they want to ban it, or in their words, 'digam sementara'. Hope it's truly sementara. It's a really nice and catchy tune, the public should not be deprived of this one.

Update (December 2003):

The ban has been lifted, apparently, for Ive been listening to the song on air.
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