Monday, November 24, 2003

Countdown to Raya (Vol. 2)

Esok hari raya! Yay! Just watched the announcement a few minutes ago. Bro informed me that the Hari Raya announcements each year were actually taped almost a month earlier (he used to work with the national tv station). They'd make two versions - one each for both possible Hari Raya dates.

On the other hand, the news on road accidents this festive season is very disheartening - more than 60 deaths within 3 days.... are Malaysian drivers that reckless, or our roads that bad, or what? The advertisement showing aftermaths of various accidents on TV is very eerie to me.. really got the message through. Anyone driving anywhere during the holidays.. please drive carefully. As a driver, you are responsible for the safety of those in the vehicle with you, as well as in the other vehicles around you. No need to rush, all in good time....

..Di hari raya.. terkenang daku kepada si dia....- this song is a firm favorite.

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