Thursday, May 29, 2008

P. Ramlee The Musical

[ Pix source : Official Production Site ]

Was at the opening show last night. Came home almost 1 am and got a minor ticking off by Papito for not calling up to inform i'll be late. Hee. Sorry Abah.. lain kali tak buat lagi eh.

And yes, it was good. The play, I meant, not the ticking off.

There are things they did differently compared to the first run, some scenes were taken out and new ones added in, but all the main ingredients were there. Except for Sean Ghazi and Siti Nurhaliza (replaced by Musly Ramlee -no family relation to the late Tan Sri though-, and Emilda Rosmila).

Of course one can't help to do comparisons :)

Review coming.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

kitchen tales

Next time, when the sausage package says "remove cellulose covering before cooking", do so.

Don't think it's not there just because you can't identify it when the sausages were still in frozen state. Don't think it'll simply melt away anyways.

Or you'll end up with evidence of one's culinary incompetence, as above.

Tight-wrapped sausages, anyone?

Monday, May 19, 2008

pemanasan tidak sekata

while eating Japanese -

me (pointing to the bubbling hotpot) :
"this portion is cooked but not that one. the heat dissipation of this thing, it's not uniform."

engineer buddy :
"hey, i thought you're not an engineer?"

eleh, what, only engineers can know a thing or two about heat dissipation, is it? moments like these amuse me. come on lah, it wasn't like i was spewing technicalities about the inner-workings of a rocket engine or explaining the concept of the national grid system.

misi tergendala


apa? 50kgs? yeah rite. current weight is definitely NOT that.

malas nak update sebab angkanya telah meningkat dengan jayanya kebelakangan ini.

gym? apa itu gym? alamak, membazir sungguh membership yang telah dibayar.



on a.. erm... totally unrelated note, am so looking forward for this particular Subway outlet to open its doors :

Sunday, May 11, 2008

have bagasi will travel

Am considering a new 3-day luggage piece. The trolley handle is a bit stiff now. The shoes are still good.

Have been doing a bit more of travel than the usual in the last couple of months and the bag has taken quite a beating. There's a bit of a sentimental value to this particular one - it's the first one I bought on my own and specifically for my very first work outstation trip in 2004. I can still remember it... the worrying over the fact I'll be the only lady in the group, the unsure-ness of how things would be, where I'm going exactly, what I'll be doing, etcetera, etcetera.

[the 2004 trip pix collage]

The gentlemen in the group, that particular one, and the many trips thereafter, have always taken good care of me.

The excitement of travel has always been a sure thing to make me geared up. Regardless of whether it's a new site or someplace I've been to before.

If there's one most important I've learnt is that to always, always make sure to bring along a pair of sturdy shoes. That's wajib. Can't be tottering in killer heels or cute ribbon sandals when your destination is 6km off the gravel road or 1 1/2 hours from the mainland shores.


However, am saying goodbye to most of the projects now due to the latest change of work function.

Will certainly be missing the good things that came along with it.