Sunday, August 31, 2008


- And whose grave is this again?
+ Our grandpa.
- Did you get to meet him?
+ Nope. Only Along, Nyah and Kak Yong did. He died before I was born.
- Ohhh. I wonder how he looked like.
+ He was a very handsome man.
- But how do you know? You said he died before you were born?
+ There are pictures.
- Can I see it?
+ Sure. When we get home we'll take a look at it.
- I'd like that.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

scale of fun

(he points to the book in my hand)

- You're always with a book.
+ Coz I love reading! I think it's fun.
- But we're on a swing by the beach! Isn't this more fun?
+ Ok...this swing is fun too.
- Which is more fun? Reading a book... or playing?
+ Erm... like I said. Both are fun.
- Ok, on a scale of one to ten, where would reading be?
+ I'd say a seven.
- What about snorkeling?
+ That'd be at a seven as well.
- The same??? (shakes head in disbelief). Then what would be more fun than reading AND snorkeling for you?
+ Reading, AND snorkeling with a great companion. Like you.
- Nyeheehehehhhhh.
+ Really! Doing fun things are good, and doing it with someone you can go along well with, will make it even much better.
- Oh I mean like going on a date. I know you'd like THAT. That should be more fun than just reading, or just snorkeling.
+ But it has to be good, you know.
- So where would a good date be on your scale then?
+ A nine.
- I just KNEW it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

nice or not?

Suhayl. Eight years old.

We were taking a walk. On the Perhentian beach.
There was a bikini-ed lady. On her back. On the beach. She's BIG.

Suhayl made a grand gesture of shielding his eyes.

Him : You know, that's not a very nice size. Erp. I mean, SIGHT.
Me : Which one do you actually mean? Size or sight?
Him : Either way, it's not a nice one. Size, or sight. But then again, I'm only eight, so I'm not interested.

I laughed my ass off!

Friday, August 08, 2008


Aisay...steadily gaining another kg.

Blaming it on the carbs, as am currently reading this :

I love pastry way too much.
Ok scrap that. Not just pastry. Or buttered bread. Or pasta. Or ikan keli goreng berlada. Or karipap. Or tuna sandwiches with lotsa pepper.

Basically, I simply love having food. Glorious, delicious food.

Should be time to hit the gym again, methinks. But how? I've just freezed my membership, considering it's nearly Ramadhan. I've wasted about four months of it anyway - haven't been there since March.

Treadmill kat rumah ajelah nampaknya.

Devil's Advocate : Haha. Really? :p