Friday, March 27, 2009

surprises a-coming


+ is there anything you want in particular, or do you wanna leave it to me to come up with a surprise?
- can i request for both. one what i want and one you surprise me.
+ of course! u get me a surprise too then.


- am in jb. any requests?
+ why don't you surprise me?


chehs. dah beso2 panjang tua bangka macam ni pun masing-masing masih nak surprise2 lagi. sooooo true that inside us all, the little kiddie within is forever prancing around waiting for the right moments to sneak out and show that cheeky smile once in a while.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

facebook is for old people

at the kebun -

"hey, this would make a good profile picture for facebook!"

- *collective smirks from the kids*


- "heeee facebook?"

" heh, don't dream, i'm never gonna add you guys!"

- "tak main la facebook"

"elleh korang mesti geng myspace ni... kids!"

- "elleh facebook for old people laaaaa"

" try facebook dulu baru tau! once you try it you'll never turn back!"

Cheist. These kids... all of a sudden they're all grown up and teasing their auntie in return. Last time I remember they all look more or less the same and are running everywhere shrieking at high voices, and suddenly they're already planning for university and announcing the companies they've started to work for.

How time flies...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

surat-surat cintaku ke atas dan panggilan kecemasan

During a discussion about our pending matters, suddenly Mr. P said -

"Oh, and that was a good letter you wrote, the one to XXX. It's already sent upstairs."

Oh. Smile.

"Thank you, Boss. By the way, your room very warm la."


Earlier J was vetting through another of my memos.

"Ok lah ni, I didn't have much to re-do with this"

(shoving the two memo pages scrawled here and there with his handwriting to me)

"Haaaahhhh ni tak banyak?"

"Ala... mostly just rehashing of the style to suit Big Boss' style, not so much on content lah. You should see some of the memos that got sent here!"

"Hehe. Ok." (yeah, so what else is new)


And so. Today the formal day ends with two calls from people who just got back from a meeting at HQ. It's 6.00pm, and they want a paper to be prepared based on this afternoon's decisions, to be in time for presentation on Monday's JEK meeting or something, BUT the key person has already left for home. So how?

Camtulah. Tomorrow will be another day.

And most important is that tomorrow will be Friday!!!! The weekend's coming!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


that time...just watching you breathe. peacefully.

and my heart burst with affection.

just watching you breathe.

Friday, March 06, 2009


The big THREE-OH.


To say that I’m thirty takes a bit of a getting used-to.

THIRTY. Thirrrrtteeeeee.

TIGA PULUH. Tigeploh.

Not to say I’m averse to it. Just that during the last ten years it’s been twenty-something, so to change something you’ve been used to for ten frigging years should take a bit of a getting used to, methinks.

It’s time for self-reflection.

Where I’ve been. What I’ve been up to. What am I doing now. And so what’s next?

It’s always a time for a change for the better. It’s pretty good now, but there’s no way I’m gonna say, ok, that’s it, that’s that, no more need to be done whatsoever.

No way Jose. I’m only thirty! There’s a lot more things I want and need to do!

A friend said that ‘Thirty is the new twenties yadayadayada’. Haha, I so want to agree to that. It’s majorly despite the fact that I’ve earned my own money since joining the workforce at the age of twenty-two, it’s only fairly recent that I feel like having real, complete control of my finances. Wasted quite a number of years (and RM!!!) before taking stock of the situation and realizing that I need to manage my finances much, much better. Not that I’m in a sinkhole of debt or have nothing saved for a rainy day, just that there are a number of things that I could’ve (should’ve) done differently with.

Job – tick. House – tick. Car – tick. House rented out – tick. House rent increase – tick. Savings for rainy day – tick. First promotion – tick. Insurance – tick. Transfer to another position – tick. Leave ALL ongoings of previous position to the new officer – hmmm. Still involved. Must tick this soon soon soon. Learn the ropes of new position – half tick. Next promotion? Working on it.

Pending religious responsibilities – (lots of things to be ticked)

Relationship – tick, untick, tick, wait…. nope, untick, tick, untick again. Question mark. School friend, pen pal, cousin’s friend, university friend, chat friend, colleague, guy met at bookstore, younger guy, older guy, single guy, married guy, guy whose engagement just broken off with another – all has appeared in the list for one reason or the other at a time. But still no guy whatsoever haha. No sweat. Next, please!

Getting taller – haha dream on! I’ve stopped growing at the age of 16, I think. Except sideways, of course. Which brings to… getting fit. Gained kilos after starting to ease in at the workplace – tick. Lost 12kgs with Herbalife and exercise – tick. Joined the gym – tick. Actually go to the gym – tick. Got personal training sessions – tick. Sliding off after finishing personal training sessions and got caught up with work – tick. Gym membership ends without extending it – tick. Gaining weight again – demmmm, tick. New getting fit program – errr….will start again.

Health is big on my agenda. It’s rare for me to get sick and I don’t intend that to be any different now. Looking at the general statistics, this is exactly the time that I should pay more attention to the area. Metabolism will start to slow down gradually. Bone density decreasing. Shucks the onset of osteoporosis, I’m taking my calcium! Wrinkles, urgh. Supplements! All the attention now will pay off for sure when I reach my fifties. Hehe. Hope!

Family and friends – tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick (and more).

Counting my blessings and finding as always so much to be thankful for.

Wonderful parents whose support is always 110% with whatever I choose to do, whose borderless love and priceless lessons have made me into who I am today. A brother who’s always firmly there and a sister in law I can get along with. A sister whom I’d be so lost without. Two delightful nephews to love and spoil!! Close cousins I can count on, spend time with and just be crazy together as cousins are meant to be. All the aunts and uncles, and the rest appended to family ties near and far.

Friends who I could depend on, have fun with, to go for all those sessions of makan, karaoke, movies, holiday trips and ga-ga over all the silly things with, to laugh with, to read with, to get second opinions from, to agree to disagree with and to argue over differences in opinion with, and of course – to cry with. There are also ones whom are for me to cry for. To fight for. To defend for. To stand by for.

I’ve been happy, I’ve been sad, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been hurt but I’ve not lost my ability to love. My belief of all things that are good.

Life, is to be cherished and appreciated. Oh yes. Day by day, step by step.

And so I celebrate being a thirty-year-young girl in this wonderful world.

Helleww, tomorrow!

I'm thirty :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

it's a brand new day

dan maka hari ini saya telah menjumpai sesuatu yang baru, yang bakal menjadikan hidup saya lebih ceria dan bermakna. yang bakal mengubah hari-hari saya akan datang, insya allah.

(not that all these while hidup saya kurang bermakna ok)

terima kasih adanya.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

another first

today...shall be the day to mark another first in my life. something i've never done yet before...but then i'm the one who always go by the saying "there's always a first time for everything!"



i can't believe i did it, but i sure DID!

let's see.

*waiting for outcome*

Sunday, March 01, 2009


1. i'm preparing myself for the eventualities. it's a case of either-or. and whichever comes first, it'll be something that i have to brace myself for - then to continue getting on with my life and make the best of all the things around me.

2. be known that i am afraid and scared and very, very wary. i took the jump anyway. now let's see what will happen next. be there for me, no matter what? if you could, lah.

3. if i were to base my whole life in remembrance of the times that i fell or couldn't reach the higher parts, then i'll never be able to get up ever again. and so i choose to look at what lies ahead instead. things can only get better, aight?

4. what i'm blessed with, are exactly what God want me to have. and so i'll cherish the good things for every moment that i'm alive.

5. whenever i wanted to be selfish for a moment there in that particular situation, time and time again it's been proven that it's not even remotely necessary. and again. and yet again. i think there's something i'm supposed to learn here but i still haven't fully comprehend what it is. one thing i know for sure though - rash acts are never a good move in this case. keeping it level has always been the best option.

6. the future will be what we make of it. so giving it the best shot that one has got is the only option there is.

7. i haven't seen the curious case of benjamin button.. sheesh...but i have seen Geng :)

times like this times like these, all one can do now is hope and pray.