Wednesday, May 26, 2004


A post to dispel the weekend-blogger title.

When I'm under work-related stress, a muscle in my right eye twitches occasionally.

Twitch, twitch. There, it just did. Did you see it?

It's 7.27 p.m. and I've just finished my work. For the day.

Deadlines are so not cool. They pump me with adrenaline so I usually feel very much 'alive' when I have a deadline to beat. On another thought, it's not such a bad thing then, eh.


Saturday, May 22, 2004

Saturday rambling

Eek.. I just realized that I may well turn into one of those two-post-per-week bloggers, or perhaps even a weekender (gasp!). Dang. Work has been increasing (both in load and complexity) that I found meself bringing some back home, and yes, actually did it! It's not that I can't do them at work, it's just that I do so want to finish them off as fast as I can so I can breathe better. Plus I often find myself being sidetracked with litte things that need to be tackled urgently now and then, which can in the end accumulate to almost half the day. Hmmm sounds like my time management skills ain't that sharp. Or maybe the way I find it hard to say NO, heck, I've only just realized you can actualy say No even to something that the Boss wants (the immediate Boss, that is, not da Big Honcho though, seen nobody saying No to him yet).

I use a lot of brackets, don't I?

I love blogging. Lets me be so self-indulgent (refer previous posts). It's always I, I, me, I, I, me, me, more me, and I. Well, okay, the occasional we and you. And they. Teehee.

The coming 9th of June is the International Webloggers' Day. Personally I'd (see, always I) prefer the term 'blogger' (sounds catchier)instead of 'weblogger', but the idea wasn't mine, so I'll go with that.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2004

Cheap trills 2 : He

always had a smile on his face ate his chicken and pushed away his vege sometimes has this funny way of saying his Rs taught her how to reverse the car out of the ditch held the umbrella for her in the rain seldom had anything bad to say about other people got her to her first live F1 race would go out with her even though he was up all night studying coz he already promised always had on (and most probably still do) Polo Sport perfume was the one she rang when her house was broken into at 4 a.m. (but when he called right back the phone was already taken) took her to the places for the plays she loves so much even the ones he didn't really like always got a funny story to tell and a joke to share said she was one of the nicest girl he ever went out with could talk to her all night and she'd never tire of it broke her heart when he told her he found a girlfriend asked for her advice when should he meet the girl's family pleaded her to call the house for him when there were talk about a suicide attempt after their breakup (it was a lie) continued the friendship when work took him afar didn't push her away when she told him how she really felt would always pick up the phone or return the call if he wasn't there knew he made a mistake when he said he missed her voice told her he might come but she's forgotten when

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Cheap trills

Once he was told,
She liked him, more than just a friend.

He said he never felt that way, would never even think about it.
Told her she was a great friend.
Told her please, let it remain.

She said it's okay, and
told him 'bout the stupid things she did.

They laughed it off in the night.
(But she cried a little inside)

They vowed that things should never change.

They still talk, sometimes.

Then she started calling less and less.

He called one day, but the ring went on.
(She saw his name, and decided he could wait)

She returned his call later that night.

He said it's been a long time, and how do you do.
They went on as usual, had a laugh or two.

He said he missed her voice.

She said really, well she did too,
But a long time it has been,
She'd almost forgotten.
(She lied)

He said he's coming, and will she be there?

Saturday, May 15, 2004

I will go again

I thought I was supposed to go to work today, forgetting altogether about the third-Saturday-off policy. I really did. Thankfully Fuzzy mentioned something along the lines of sleeping the Saturday off before having our fast-food dinner on Friday, or else! And what did I do on such a fabulous, office-free day at home?

I discovered Microsoft Picture It!
The program has actually been in the PC all this while but I've never clicked on it before. Man, I love all these programs.... I could spend all day tinkering those pixels.

Anyway, below, is my first collage. Ta-da!

More island pictures?

Bucket And Spade

My bucket and spade is always to me,
The best thing ever to take to the sea,
I love to play making a sand castles,
Far away from this rush and hassle,
But leaving it on the deserted beach,
The tide comes in taking it out of reach
I always take them on holiday with me,
Looking forward to hours of glee,
They are a wonderful toy,
Suitable for a girl or boy,
Roll on to the warm summer time,
When I can get away from the city grime.

- Dorothy Snow -

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Change doing you good?

Only a few-odd days without logging in to the Blogger homepage, and suddenly there's a new look, which I feel seems a little bit loud compared to the old version. Ah, now I know what was it that Ash meant when he mentions the 'dashboard' in his post.

Naturally I'm all game for change, especially those that seem to be for the better. Have yet to explore what those new links are about though.

Speaking of change, there's one that I'm becoming more aware of - age. Urm, you heard right. My metabolism ain't what it used to be these days (read: I'm slowly gaining weight) and the lack of exercise of course doesn't help any, plus I notice that I'm beginning to look at things and react a little more differently over time. Due to age, I suppose. And the package that came along with it.

Anyway, no matter what the numbers are for my age, these two never fail to make the little girl in me squeal with happiness!


[A chocolate birthday cake, and....]



A big bunch of thanks to the group of people whom call themselves MyPFS. Smooooch.

Thursday, May 06, 2004


How much for next year hmmmmm?
[Big Boss: Why did you ask for so much last year when you only use so little?
Nafsu besar ni, guna tak habis pun

Yes, it's that time of the year again, when figures fly more than usual all over the place, and phones in the Finance Department are ringing off the hook. Me? I thought going down the two flights of stairs and meet a particular finance officer in person would be a better option, but haha was I ever wrong! Ended up spending almost 20 minutes waiting as she entertained the many desperate, last-minute phone queries ("Yes that budget needs to be keyed in by 5 pm, no the system do not allow for automatic carry forwards, yes the allocation should be itemized in the attachments, no your children’s school fees do not fall under the department’s general expenses") before she could entertain me and my eleventh-hour query (The procedure to carry forward unused budget from this year’s projects how?). Hey, I’m still new to this, okay, and the matter was only brought to my attention at 4 p.m. when tomorrow is the day to table the whole thing to the head honcho. So sue me.

Aiyoh, redoing a whole year's projects budget with the deadline a few hours away is NOT a fun thing to do.

Thank God (and the management as well) for half-year reviews.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Good golly, it's came back to life!

PPS is back online! With improvements, too. Woo hoo!

The previous days without PPS made me realize how much I relied on it for my almost-daily dose of Malaysian blogs, direct to my screen via the precious list of pings. Well, I do have my Blogroll, but that is only a very short list of what PPS has to offer - because while I do list currypuffs, char kuay teow, nasi lemak lauk kerang, tuna sandwiches and bread-and-butter as my all-time favorite things to eat (I have them frequently too), I'd also like to have other items available off the menu. Ditto for blogs.

So to the ever so brilliant Aizuddin and the rest of the gang who brought us Project Petaling Street, a big long-due Thank You and a round of applause to all of you! Bravo!