Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is my March

Dear Diary,

I had a very eventful March. I'll just sum it up coz I'm super-busy.

1. Birthday lunch (oh yum Roadhouse burgers)

2. Mukhsin's release (yay!)

3. Meysa's wedding in Medan (Medan = kain batik heaven)

4. Asthma episode (sheesh)

5. the Sun Corporate Hunt (we finished TOP 5 ok!) & Genting rendezvous

6. 3-day course (back to Finance 302)

7. one v.long workday (that ended up in someone else's bed*)

8. being a drama queen with Boss thru SMS (while on said person's bed the next morning)

9. 3-day weekend (free lunch, movie with Mamita, new car test-drive)

* P.S - Auw, shush now, twas only Biah's bed.