Saturday, May 23, 2009


sometimes i wish there's a clear line.
but there never was one.

engkau. aku terkadang ingin sahaja berkata - jangan. sudah.
yang terlalu itu, sukar untuk aku.
kerana aku berperang di dalam.


another night of revelations. the good kind, today.
perceptions are altered.
i have nafh to thank.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

info bits

sometimes, too much information may make you a bit uneasy.

i've been responsible for something to happen based on available information at that time and thought it was the best decision compared to others' choices.

but now i'm not so sure. after the additional info i chanced upon today (yes, over the net), somehow, i have a feeling that it may have the potential to instigate changes that may not be too much in my favour somehow. alamak. alamak. i hope everything works out well especially for ME.

yes. for this one, i am self-ish and territorial. i can let lots of other things go by and just flick my head when things work out not so much for me, but please, not this one. uhm.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sold to SELL OUT! ($311.0u7!)

supposing i told you i loved you
supposing i said i couldnt get you out of my head
supposing that's what i said
would you hold my crush against me?
would you turn and say to me...

you're not my type
don't get your hopes all high
i wouldn't sleep with you
till the day i die
oh no!

'You're Not My Type', soundtrack from 'Sell Out!'


Oh, just go and watch this really hilarious movie already.

Bucketloads of guffaws, guaranteed. Part art-film, part-musical, mostly-parody, all Malaysian. Regardless of the fact that the main actor is half-English.

It was an adhoc decision to watch this movie last Sunday, and how glad we were that we did as we chanced upon the director Yeo Joon Han and main cast Peter Davies afterwards, where to our pleasant surprise they so sportingly dragged their chairs to our table and we talked about the film, movies in general, living in Cheras/Ipoh/East Msia, teachers who had the idea that 'suspenders' and 'spender' are the same thing as well as the merits of a french boyfriend and more till the wee hours of the morning over some overpriced cups of coffee and an uneaten slice of cake. It was quite amusing to have the director himself admitting stuff like 'that thing in the scene? no meaninglah, it's there coz it was there, aiya even i didn't notice'.

Sell Out! is a labor of love and it shows.

The film prods at artsy films, reality shows, local entertainment industry, big corporate conglomerate practices, irritating things that happens in life, the human fixation on some absurd matters and such. You'd be able to identify with the quirky happenings all along the movie, and would more often that not suddenly burst into laughter either inward or outwardly at even the smallest things. The songs are real gems and I have You're Not My Type playing over and over in my mind. Who could ever thought of making a sickly man sing his poem of love before his moment of death be a pitiful and funny scene at the same time? Who would ever thought of singing the lines of 'Money, why do you love rich people' to a torn RM50 note?

As some of the jokes are just snippets of a second, I'm definitely giving it a repeat visit to catch them again.

More info on Sell Out! at Amokfilms site here.

[Everyone has his price. Sigh.]

Monday, May 04, 2009

it's a small world after all

such a day in history it was, eh.

oh how it's a small, small world. networks overlap. social circles could still touch somewhere, no matter how off-tangent one may think it is.

- want to watch X? YES
- watch X with Y? YES
- make plans for the day? NO
- want to come with me? YES

- ask the question again? NO
- reply the sms? YES
- make the detour? YES
- tell earlier or later? LATER

seemingly-little decisions made at split seconds, some running away from the norm, produced surprising results at the end of the day.

oh how we laughed till our sides ached over it and made running jokes to the moon and back at 3am. but in retrospect, soberly, it's less of a laughing matter.

trust. respect. gratitude. somebody's future. and more than that.

it's a cruel world as it is, and everybody is fighting their own battle. we all know that, right?

as such, i'm very wary of the possibilities of inflicting wounds inadvertently, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the moment. there's no need for it, surely. and furthermore, things have a way of getting out of control, especially when you least expect it. no reason to risk something that's of no real value to anybody.

to that certain someone, thank you, for sharing my view.

Friday, May 01, 2009

how-to : give your touch-n-go card a negative balance

1. reload touch-n-go card no. 1 (TnG1) with lots of RM.

2. put TnG1 in smart-tag unit. use as usual.

3. apply for touch-n-go card no. 2 (TnG2) because it's a Zing card and will reload automatically.

4. receive TnG2 in the mail. instruction says to activate by swiping at any TnG toll lane.

5. decide to drive somewhere that involves the PLUS highway.

6. decide to activate TnG2.

7. took TnG lane at the toll plaza instead of the usual smart-tag lane.

8. swipe TnG2 at toll entry.

9. take out TnG1 from smart-tag unit and replace with TnG2 to check that TnG2 is loaded with RM. confirmed!

10. decide to continue using TnG1 first until its RM value is all used up before starting to use TnG2.

10. reinsert TnG1 in smart-tag unit.

11. took the smart-tag lane as usual at toll exit.

12. *teeettttttt* (smart-tag system calculates maximum possible journey for that exit)

13. realize that at highway point of entry, TnG2 was utilized for this journey!

14. congratulate self for forgetfulness. baki TnG1 sekarang adalah negatif.

15. chuck TnG1 and insert TnG2 permanently in smart-tag unit.