Friday, November 07, 2003

l'Internet et moi, online strangers… and a birthday cake (Vol. 2)

Song in my head:

Open doors so I walk inside
Close my eyes, find my place to hide
And I shake as I take it in
Let the show begin

Open my eyes, just to have them close again
Well on my way, but on my way to where I've been
It swallows me, as it takes me in it's fog
I twist away, as I give this world a nod
(The House Jack Built, Metallica, Load album, 1996)

One day, I came across a weblog. A blogspot page, to be exact. I’ve read online diaries before, but this, was different. It was Nizam Zakaria’s blog that was in the results list during my search for the latest theatre reviews. From there I clicked on Sultanmuzaffar’s blog, and then on to Project Petaling Street and And I was introduced to Screenshots, Volume of Interactions, mum mum, Joe Blogs (may Allah bless his soul), Saharil, Khalilur (these were the initial group of blogs that I encountered) and a myriad list of others in the ‘blogosphere’. I’m hooked.

The blogs are to me a whole new window to various topics, views and opinions, nuggets of information, jokes and the everyday lives of strangers. Being a trainee with not much to do at the office (I changed jobs earlier this year), I whiled my time away reading and poring over them, and there are more than enough of interesting ones that keeps me coming for more.

During the Akademi Fantasia craze (heh heh I know, I was in the bandwagon too), a bunch of readers at sultanmuzaffar’s blog (he posted daily reviews of the show) started becoming familiar through the tag-board. At first the tags revolve around the show, and then it gradually move on until to the point where we got to know about the camping trips that one of us went to, and when another move office, and when another got posted overseas. A new group of online friends emerged.

They started to meet, a lunchtime meet was the first. I thought myself too ‘old’ for that (been there, done that, remember?), and I did not have the time or means to go anyway so I just kept abreast of things with the group emails and occasional chats on the tagboard. Then the group moved on to Spiral’s tagboard, and they were also the first to visit this blog. The group emails went on back and forth, back and forth. Somehow or rather I decided that their online personas were too delightful to ignore, and what the heck, meeting new people has always been an interesting affair for me.

So yesterday I finally got to meet the gang for buka puasa and a birthday celebration – hence the birthday cake (it was Secret Recipe’s black forest cake, yummy!). And what a bunch! They were just as delightful in person, if not more. We were the largest group at the cafĂ© in Istana Budaya, and of course the one that made the most racket. The fact that we all came from various backgrounds with ages ranging from the early 20’s to double of that makes it the more interesting. Unknowing onlookers would think us a group of old friends who haven't met for years, when we just barely knew each other as yet.

I’m really glad I went. Many thanks to ymaulai and sempoii for giving me a lift. To the motley crew of PFS (you guys know who you are) – you guys rock! And to all bloggers out there, keep on blogging away. Peace.

PS: Nope, I ain’t back to being an Internet-addict anymore, but a blog pseudo-addict? Erm.... considering this is still at an early stage… perhaps just a lil’ bit.

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