Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Akaun penerima

On the IP messenger today:

*icon blink blink*

- Eh, what's a/c receivable and a/c payable in bm aa? "Akaun penerima" and "akaun pembayar"? Sound so pelik lah.

+ Oit, thats sure pelik. I think it's "akaun penghutang" and "akaun pemiutang" instead.

Did that make me laugh my head off. "Akaun penerima", indeed.
To some people, somehow I am their personal on-demand kamus bergerak. Now, if only I could have had 50sen for every time someone did that....

I think I'd have enough for two cinema tickets this weekend.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Okay, Citibank

At 3.05 pm today I received a call from a polite fellow called Raj from Citibank, in response to my complaint on 16th March. I tried the yada-yada-yada trick a little bit, and Raj simply listened. Saja je testing, hehe.

Apology accepted. That's all a customer wants sometimes, just for you to L I S T E N.

Maybe I can only afford RM300 a month to spend using your credit card today, but I am also only 26. A long way to go, tau. Kalau umur panjang dan murah rezeki lah. Amin.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Me to Mar 22 (1 day ago)

Hello Uncle Ashraf, hope you are doing fine. As you already know, we (me, my sister and also Hamimah) will be coming for a 3-day visit in May. Uncle Talat informed that you told him we may stay at your place, thanks a lot, we hope it wouldn't be too much trouble for you.....

------------------------ to me Mar 22 (14 hours ago)

Bon Giorno,
I look forward to seeing you in May and it is no trouble for me to pick you from the airport, as long as I don't have any urgent work appointment, in which case there is a train to Ariccia from Ciampino town center. There is really a lot to see.....

Oh. Oh. Can't wait for May. *jiggy-dance*

Thank god for relatives.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Another one for Sepet

Prize list of the 27th International Women's Film Festival of Creteil

Grand prize of the Jury
Best full-length film - fiction
3,811 Euros offered by the Delegation to the Parity and the Professional Equality and technical services of subtitling offered by LVT
The 2005 Jury is composed of Jacques Bidou (President), Julie Gayet, Suzette Glenadel, C├ęcile Helleu, Marie-Elisabeth Rouchy, Emmanuel Salinger and Thomas Sotinel
By Yasmin Ahmad (Malaysia)

All the reason to grab one of those :)
Congratulations to everyone in the team.

And Ferrari seems to have lost its bite this year, adoi.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Sumpah, dah bayar


And I quote,
"We UNDERSTAND that you may be busy or have been away".

Jadi macam mana la tak hangin bila dengar nada suara yang 'manis' dan susunan ayat indah "..kena bayar minggu ini! Cash!!"

Anyway, see, I already made the payment. Erm, I must add, hehehehe,

c a s h.


Now I'm waiting to see if they have anything else to say to me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Dear Citibank


16th March 2005

Citibank Berhad
Customer Correspondence Unit
PO Box 12891
50792 Kuala Lumpur.

Complaint On Standard of Customer Service

I am a fairly recent customer of Citibank Credit Card and have been very satisfied with the instances where I have had contact with your staff through the telephone so far. However on March 14th at 7.10 p.m., I received a call from a Citibank personnel whom in my opinion acted appallingly as a representative of the company.

The call was made to my mobile due to a message left earlier at your hotline 03-23831000 regarding a late payment. I admitted that I made a mistake by not signing my cheque and acknowledged that she is not a Customer Service personnel, but while I was voicing out my dissatisfaction with the fact that Citibank did not inform me of the unsigned cheque through the telephone, she raised her tone unacceptably and told me that "Pembayaran kena buat, minggu ini! Cash!", which in my opinion is very uncalled for and made me feel as if I am an irresponsible customer who is a frequent defaulter and owes the bank up to my credit limit, whereas this is only my first time in making a late payment* and I had already admitted my fault. She then irresponsibly hung up when I asked for her name.

I am sure that Citibank has a high standard in the code of conduct for its staff. Being a personnel in a Customer Service Department myself, I am fully aware of the fact that any personnel regardless of department/section represents the company while he or she is in contact with a customer, and as such is responsible to at least LISTEN to what the customer has to say. Being of another department / section is an unacceptable excuse to refuse to even listen, and it is even more unacceptable for any personnel to speak to a customer in such a rude and unnecessary tone.

Please assure that this does not happen again. Also please be informed that I will make the said payment at Menara Citibank this afternoon, which in my opinion is timely enough to fulfill the required “Pembayaran minggu ini, cash” time frame.

Thank you.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

My can of worms

Like a loosely-wounded clockwork, he would call in the month of my birthday, sometimes two weeks after the date, sometimes two days.

As always, we'd try to fill up each other on the things that happened in our separate lives since we last talked, all in that single call. He's got a new car, I've got a new boss. He was involved in an accident, I got sick a couple of times since last year. He'll be taking a leave to go to his hometown soon, I'll be going for a holiday in May. I'd always say that I had put on the pounds and he'd always tell of how he failed to gain any.

And as always we'd promise that should one end up long enough in the other's state, we should meet. That we should see how the other has changed.

As always.

But we never do.

Happy birthday to me anyway.