Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Raya holidays and mysterious calls

[ Feet Feat ]

Another 2 days and counting. Would you believe it? My cuti raya will start this Friday... woo hoooo! (as Homer Simpson would shout it, out loud). I'd be having a long stretch of office-free period - a full 10 days in total! Almost like a school mid-term break. Ah... how I long for a week-day where I don't have to leave home at 6.40 a.m. to catch the 0653 Rawang-bound train. During my previous job, office was a mere 7-minutes' drive away and office hours start at 8.30 a.m. (and no need to punch in also), so you can imagine the difference. These days, miss the 0653 train (either my fault or KTM's) and that's it. For sure lambat!

Just got another of those 'accidental calls' from Bro's phone. 'Accidental calls' or 'pocket/handbag calls'; i.e. when a cellphone inadvertently dialled your number as the result of a mix of unlocked keypads and the owner's body movement. You know, when you excitedly answer your phone going Hello?? Helloo? Hellooooooo..???!!" and all you would hear is friction of cloth / leather against metal and some background noise e.g. car radio / inaudible chatter / things rustling. Sometimes though you might overhear some juicy stuff that the person would have never even dreamt of telling you, heh heh. So as cellphone owners with good phone etiquette it just goes that please, do lock your cellphone keypad whenever you're putting it in your pocket or bag or wherever. If your cellphone has the autolock feature, use it. These calls are a waste of money, and hey, you never know what sort of sounds could've travelled to the other side.

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