Sunday, April 27, 2014

The one about this hurt I feel inside

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds
And mars, any heart
Not tough or strong enough
To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud
Holds a lot of rain
Love hurts......ooh, ooh love hurts

Ah, being forgetful as I am, chances are, when I re-read this again a couple of years from now, I'm going to forget who or what exactly made me feel this way.

But for now, it hurts to realise how you've been deceived by your own foolishness into thinking you mean more to somebody whom obviously does not look at it the same way.

It's almost 2 months past since my birthday this year. 
A lot has happened since then. And didn't.


Those who really know me will know how much birthdays hold a special place in my heart. I simply loveee celebrating not just mine, but others' birthdays as well. Oh I had a great time coordinating a number of birthday dos last time, indeed I did.

These days though, I will mostly brush birthdays off, save for family members and a few close friends. 


Letting go is still one of the hardest things for me to do, although I do think I'm getting better at it now. God knows how many people I've let go over the recent years, and I found it was indeed the best to not hold on when the other party clearly don't care anymore.

I used to fight in those situations, gosh how much I used to fight to hold on even when things seem the darkest and bleakest and still hope for the best.

These days - I will just hold on  only as much as the other one does. And if they want to leave, chances are I will go and open the door myself.

For I have learnt that nothing is this world belongs to me, while everything belongs to the Almighty.

So who am I to cling on when He decides it's time for us to part ways for now or forever?


Holler, and I will come if I could.

But only if I want to.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Use wikipedia much? Then this is for you, dearies.

If you go to Wikipedia page today or any other day, and notice a header seeking for donation, I do urge you to give something...even as low as RM10. Surely most of us can afford RM10, right?

Compared to how much Wikipedia has assisted us in our search for all sorts of information, trivial and many times have we wiki-ed for information, those times when we heard of something for the first time and needed more details, when somebody asked you something and you knew it once but may have forgotten, those tip-of-the-tongue moments, and so forth.

I would say RM10 is in fact, too little.

So, why should we donate to Wikipedia if after all, we google for information all the time, and Google is free, right? (Google make tons of money from advertising btw, wikipedia has no ads).

And we already paid for our whatever-speed-it-is internet!

Well, read below, which are the words of Sue Gardner, executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Your donation covers not only your own costs of using Wikipedia, but also the costs of other Wikipedia readers.

Like the retired farmer in upstate New York who's using Wikipedia to study the science of sludge, and the student in Kuala Lumpur who's researching organic chemistry.  The British mechanic who, after he broke his back in an accident, used Wikipedia to retrain himself as a web developer.  The civil servant in Finland who set up an offline version of Wikipedia for a small school in Ghana. And the father in Mexico City who takes his little daughters to the museum on weekends, and uses Wikipedia to help them understand everything they're seeing there. 
Wikipedia's job is to bring the sum total of all human knowledge to everyone around the world in their own language. That's a pretty audacious mission, but with 30 million articles and 287 languages, I'd say that thanks to you and people like you, we are getting there. The fact that you are helping to pay the costs of running Wikipedia means it can stay ad-free and independent of bias, focused solely on helping its readers.   
Exactly as it should be.

So would you like to give back ? Click below :)

p/s - Yes, I'm starting to blog here again. Whee!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Hello, again

Wow. It has been so, so long.

I think I shall be writing here again :)