Tuesday, January 31, 2006

You Tube

I've just discovered You Tube. Omg, major coolness! Interested in anything with a video content? Search on! But one must be on broadband for total enjoyment. Plus a lot of free time ;)


P.S - If you want to play the videos in this site itself, click on the small 'Play' icon at the bottom right instead of the big icon in the middle of the screen. Or else the video will open in a new site, with bigger screen.

['Sekolahku' clip from Afdlin Shauki and Harith Iskander's Ah-Ha show]

[Bush speaking in Malay]

[The Simpsons' greatest moments - various episode clips]

[Peterpan in concert KL - Ariel tersilap lirik during 'Semua Tentang Kita']

[Audioslave as 'Peter Punk' playing 'Ada Apa Dgn Cinta'. I'm tickled with this one. Check out the drummer, always in sync with the music. Coincidence?]

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Natural goodness

My mamita* (yes, we really call her that) likes to put natural stuff in her car to make it (the car, that is) smells good.

Move over all the Glades, Ambi-Purs and Shinyos of the world.

Screwpine leaves and orange peel rule instead.

* also known as mother, emak, ibu, mama, amma

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Public Service Announcement

[Kg. Duku solar hybrid station, Sibu Island]

Solar hybrid electricity supply system:

Electricity generation via combination of solar-powered panels and one or more of other means, in this case, diesel generator(s).

Battery banks will store excess electricity from the solar panels until needed. The diesel generator will only kick in when necessary, i.e. when electricity from the solar panels and battery banks are inadequate to cater for current demand.

The wonderful solar hybrid system gives a new chance to those dwelling in really remote areas and small islands to enjoy 24-hour electricity supply where previously it would be simply impossible or too expensive to do so.

And eat your hearts out for chances are, the makciks and pakciks of serene Kg Duku in Pulau Sibu, a quaint little island off the shores of Mersing, Johor will enjoy little (with very high chance of it being ZERO) blackout instances compared to the rest of us who are connected to the national electricity gridlines.

But before everybody run around to ask where you could get one for your house, a solar hybrid station currently would cost in excess of a whopping RM uno million.

At the moment six solar hybrid stations are operating in the islands of Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Sibu, Pulau Aur and Pulau Besar in Mersing, Johor at a cost of RM8.9 million funded by Malaysia Electricity Supply Industry Trust Account. More solar hybrid stations are already in the pipeline for Pulau Tinggi (also offshore Mersing), Orang Asli settlements in the Peninsular as well as remote villages in Sabah.

So don't forget every time you may flick that switch day or night oh-so-easily, there are people who does not have that luxury as yet. Yes, even here in Malaysia. But we're moving forward, step by step. And solar hybrid technology is just one of many.

Go electric!

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2. Several Countries Interested in Solar Hybrid

[Picture credit : TNB Energy Services Sdn. Bhd.]

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Surat cinta kepada kang Ariel


Suaramu ternyata terlalu
bass untuk sistem stereo keretaku yang sudah letih dimamah usia. Perlukah aku upgrade speakerku, atau beli saja kereta yang baru? Aku tak tahu sampai bila aku sanggup mendengar suaramu menjadi pecah disebabkan stereoku yang hampehs itu.

Album Alexandriaku sudah hilang, aku tak tahu siapa yang begitu cemburu denganmu hinggakan sanggup merampasnya dariku. Tapi jangan risau, mereka takkan mampu merampas ingatanku kepada lirik lagu-lagu barumu yang tetap boleh kudengar di PCku setelah aku download di Internet.

Saat kujejak Bandara Polonia hujung bulan ini, aku hanya 1,000 kilometer saja dari Jakarta. Tunggu aku ya!

Jaga diri baik-baik dan take care.

Pecah kaca pecah gelas, sudah baca harap balas.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Pelacuran bahasa

Dear RTM compere,

"Diterjemahkan" and "menghasut" are perfectly good enough words in Bahasa Melayu to say what you mean, instead of "ditranslasi" and "memprovokasi".

What's next, then?

"Mentransformasi" in place of "transforming"?

"Abominasi" in place of "abomination"?

"Sumasi" in place of "summation"?

All this -asi makes me laparisasi for nasi and hausisasi for air sarsi la.

Friday, January 06, 2006

on a roll

they are so good
and i continue being bad

there is no excuse.
i'll get my dues.

i know.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

forwarding agent

A big hello to you guys, forward this to at least 11 people and see what happens on your screen. You will laugh your head off!!!!!!!!!!!

If you forward it to 11 people a video comes on your screen. this
works. I don't know how...but it works. Somehow, from the return path generated, you'll receive something, and IT IS FUNNY!!!

It amazes me that some people still fall for emails like above, and went on forwarding them to the required number of people (and usually even more).

What a waste of time and bandwidth.

I wonder who in the world invented the first one.
Either he has stakes directly-related to Internet usage, or just plain bored and it suddenly popped into his mind "Hey I have too much time on my hands to kill why not I think of something that will certainly waste other people's time and make them feel silly afterwards". Hah.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lelaki ganas?

Addendum : Shucks. I knew I should've played more dolls and teng-teng back when I was five, rather than tag along with Bro and be their goalkeeper ("eh Farid adik ko ni pendek, bagi jaga gol la eh").

Apparently, sometimes I could sound too bloke-y for my own good, especially online I suppose. Am rather used to the reaction "Wha...I thought Ted's a man!", but this guy takes the cake when he actually thought I am a "lelaki ganas" before he met me (refer item 68).


Maybe I need to change the handle.

How about... Tedra? Teddikins? TedGurl? TedHoneycupcake? TedSweetGirly16? MissCuteBlossom? (makes cute girly faces)

A "lelaki ganas" wouldn't fall for him, now, would he?
[Photo credit: Aleya Setya]

Monday, January 02, 2006

Peter panda

[Photo credit : The Star]

After last May's major disappointment, of course we just had to go.

The icing on the already highly-satisfactory cake last night was to have the band waving back at us from their van at the traffic light. But with fear of sounding like a starstruck teenage girl in mind, I insisted to Adam that hey, that's nice of them but it's meaningless, actually, kan? And surprisingly the answer was an excited "No it's NOT meaningless, darn it!"

Hahaha. The on-and-off rain, the crowd and all, it was worth it. We went home with our jeans spattered in mud from the bendang-like stadium at the end of the show. Do we mind? Nyeh, not one bit.

"If you have neither of the two, i.e. a cute vocalist or kick-ass good music, then don't bother"

But if you have both, like Peterpan?

Then bring it on!

toll : 3.60
parking : 6.00
mineral water : 2.50
concert ticket : 80.00
missing umbrella : 13.00
ruined heels : 40.00
shoved at entrance : 7 times
time spent rinsing mud out of jeans : 5 minutes

watching peterpan perform live and finding them
wave back at us at the traffic light:


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome, 2006

New year, new beginnings.

May the new year surpasses the last. But of course!

I wouldn't have it any other way :)