Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daremo Shiranai

Dear Kak Min,

I watched Daremo Shiranai again yesterday. And the day I saw it for the first time at LB came to mind. You expected me to cry, and I did buckets!

You had always expected my tears :)

You said, "Those tears come from God".

You were the only person who treat my tears and the fact that when I cry they run into rivers as something not to be ashamed of, and in fact, you made it as if it's a trait to be appreciated.

No, I haven't cried much this year. Not these days. No one suggested good movies to cry at lately, hehe.

Other than at movies? Nah, not there too. Life's good. Nothing that needs to be bawled about.

If you're here, I'd tell you what's new over nasi lemak ayam and Krispy Kreme donuts. But you're not.


There's always prayers to be said, kan.

* Hugs hugs hugs *

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today, what you did, kind of hurt a bit.

What a fool I was to think that there's more to it than the surface.
Today's incident seals the deal on what I've suspected.'s still just not much more than the surface, I suppose.

I really want you to be happy, you know? I thought you already are.
Or maybe you HAD to do what you did simply because doing otherwise would hurt YOU.

Oh well. I shan't let this pull things down anyways.