Wednesday, August 04, 2010

short blues song

I said that I wish to just be a 'hati batu'.
AM told me, that a heart wants what a heart wants.

Haish. This period of the blues must be over soon, soon!

Hati yang tercalar, baiklah segera.


Ok. Reasons for joy.

Boss told me that they're scheduling the interview for next week. Although I'm still waiting for the HR calling letter, am already nervous and in anticipation of the possibilities (amin....). This is one window of opportunity that I don't want to miss, big time!

Puasa month is coming in a few days. As usual, ditto another weight-watching resolution so the baju-baju raya will fit better, and make for better raya pictures, heee. Shopping plans (yg berhemah) ahead, ahoy! Solat terawih every night at the surau shall be a must.

Our theme color for this year baju raya - hijau pucuk pisang. Mamita's pick.

Oh, lovely cheeky nephews Aqif+Amin will be staying with us for the weekend. Bersedialah semua untuk menonton channel kartun sepanjang hujung minggu ;p