Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The sum of all fears

Just discovered that among others, I have a case of this and this.

Okay, to save you your mouseclicks,
this #1 : xenophobia
a phobic attitude towards strangers or of the unknown

this #2 : atychiphobia
an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger

Now combine that with a dislike for making telephone calls. No wonder I couldn't get a lot of things done as quickly as it should. Panic panic. I think there's more down the list.

But I have no idea anyone could have a fear of these things too:

- sourness (no asam boi for them Acerophobics)
- opinions (Allodoxaphobics are always neutral then?)
- looking up (Anablephobics must have sore necks for looking down too much)

and even this,

- beautiful women (which means plain girls like yours truly would have better chance to be with Caligynephobic males lah hehehe)

Check and see what do YOU have.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Ted Cengeng

Mama : Don't cry-lah sayang, you make me feel like crying too..

Me : Dah memang cengeng, mesti la nangis...

How could I not cry, seeing Abah being wheeled inside the operating theatre for his bypass operation last Thursday. He spent two nights in the ICU after the procedure, and was finally discharged this afternoon. He got this year's Father's Day card on the hospital bed - I managed to find a card with the things we expect to see him doing again when he's better, things he could look forward to.

Mama stayed at his side all the time. She's the only one who knew the exact spot to pat on Abah's back whenever he got that cough; and the exact way to pile the pillows when he's sitting up.

I was actually so afraid that I may not get to give him that particular Father's Day card, or any other card for that matter.