Sunday, April 20, 2008


it's past 2 a.m i've just clicked on either the 'ignore' or 'accept' buttons of the numerous facebook apps i've received, lost count already. one can say Ted went facebook frenzy hahahahahaha. beratus2 request ntah apa2 tah.

music blasted occasionally from my cousin's notebook. we were the only ones still up in the house. surfing and getting lost in our own separate internet 'cocoon'. solidarity of the night-owls. thank god for broadband and wireless routers.

- "this is an awesome band lah. also, check out the lead singer's hair"
+ "apa nama dia?"
- "
coheed and cambria"
+ " co-heat and comb here?"
- "coheed. and cambria"
+ "CO-HEAT?"
- "COHEED laaaa. C-O-H-E-E-D and C-A-M-B-R-I-A"
+ "oh. hehe"

mana la gua nak tau, kan?

remembered that tomorrow i gotta be at the hotel as committee for the HAPUA event. eh, not tomorrow, it's actually later TODAY!

better go catch my Zzzzzs now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

hanya kawan

after so many years and so many missing appointments, out of the blue we managed to have lunch today.

the conversation we had was kinda surreal. despite the long absence, we didn't go the pick-up-where-we-left way, but more of a casual this-is-me-today-and-what-about-you.

i showed him pictures and video clips of my nephew. he showed me the ones of his kids. they're so cute. he told me about managing his staff workpay, and i told him about not understanding what power factor really is.

when we parted, i told him to send my regards to the wife.

-"she'd be angry if she knows i saw you. if she asks, i'll just tell her i had lunch with a friend"

+ "tell her not to worry, there's no competition. i'm not competing"

Monday, April 14, 2008

just stone the sinner

Bukan maksud ku
Bukan ingin ku melukaimu

Caci-maki saja diriku

Bila itu bisa membuatmu

Kembali bersinar

Dan berpijar seperti dulukala


This, will most probably be the last of it.

Not because I think it's not worth to pursue anymore, but because I don't know what else to do.
Because I believe that now, you are happier without me.


Because I know and realize you've been hurt really bad. Really, really bad.
By the things that had happened, which were added further on by me. By what I've said and done.

Perhaps most and foremost, of all things, the worst is the hurt by me. That's how it seems.

I don't know what else can I do to show you the regret.
How else can I apologize to you.
What would be the repentance you want to see.

I was told - No. Period.

All the moves I've made so far have been wrong, wrong, wrong. WRONG.

Under the circumstances, no, I can't blame you for not believing me. With all that hurt you've been through, the turmoil I've caused, how could I? If there's one thing you've told me, it's that everybody is entitled to what they're feeling and nobody should ever tell YOU that how you're feeling is not right.

So. As the song goes -
You can put the blame on me
You can put the blame on me

You can put the blame on me


Please be happy
For yourself :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

ini sudah lebeh!

Had full-fare Minang food for lunch, and still I could polish off a WHOLE packet of Oreo's afterwards! All this before it's even 2pm! I've also started again eating rice for dinner regardless of the time I got back home, i.e. even if it is already 11pm. Cannot tahan la seeing the fabulous lauks.

At the rate I'm going, I can forget lah the 2nd stage plan. Isk. Demmm.

Cemana ni? Cemana? Haa??

Saturday, April 05, 2008

and perhaps

Bila esok datang kembali
Seperti sedia kala
Di mana kau bisa bercanda

Perlahan kau pun
Lupakan aku mimpi buruk mu
Dimana telah ku tancapkan duri tajam
Kau pun menangis menangis sedih
Maafkan aku

Bukan maksud ku
Bukan ingin ku melukaimu
Sedarkah kau di siniku pun terluka
Melupakanmu menepikanmu
Maafkan aku

Lupakanlah saja diriku
Bila itu bisa membuatmu
Kembali bersinar
Dan berpijar seperti dulu kala
Caci-maki saja diriku
Bila itu bisa membuatmu
Kembali bersinar
Dan berpijar seperti dulukala

- Sheila on 7

Friday, April 04, 2008

i came for the food

yeah, i came for the food last nite.

jco donuts, coq keria and karipap sardin. oh, and yummy home-made fudgy brownies.

after a long, hard day's work, who can resist that?

apa, diet?? erk... esok la kita sambung diet tu.