Tuesday, May 31, 2005

1 x 3 = 34 (plus one pewter clock)

My new room at the office is approximately 1 ft wider and 3 ft longer than the previous, basically giving me an extra 34 sq ft of floor space. Cool eh?

And it came with a nice pewter clock on the wall too, courtesy of the last inhabitant (who apparently got it for his/her 25 years of Perkhidmatan Setia with the company). Sans battery, of course. I hope it's still in working condition, heheh.
Note to self: Scrounge an AA battery from somewhere later.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

When in Rome....

... do as the Romans do?

But I bet whoever said that didn't mean this.

Graffiti like above are aplenty in the Eternal City like you wouldn't believe it. But what's hard to find there are English-speaking Italians. The best bet would be either one of the polizia, the chaps at the information counters, or the ever-friendly Indian/Bangladeshi souvenir stallkeepers.

This one kept calling us darling that we just had to buy a bundle of his T-shirts.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

joie de vivre

You put a clear reminder, in three languages, no less.

And what did they do?


And more.

Anyway, the misconception that the French will ignore you if you speak in English is sooooo outdated. Scrap that one out, s'il vous plait. All one needs to do is ask, and 9 out of 10 times they'll more than gladly do what they could to help you.

And French guys? Yummy. Tres handsome-lah, I tell you.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Wish you were here!

British sense of humor, I suppose. Ain't that kinda cool? Wonder who was the bugger that stenciled this.

The weather here is unpredictable at the moment. You could be all wrapped up in jackets one morning and yet be hanging out your clothes to dry in the hot sun the next.

It's 6 a.m. and no one else is up yet, but you could've easily read a book outside since five.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Malam ayam

[Imagine here a photo of 8 chicks in nighties at the living room]
[Doing, er, maybe eating cake and playing gin rummy]

The bachelorette partay weekend was a success.

As Tam-Tam would've said it - Fab-uloso!

P.S. - Colmar Tropicale, by the way, is a bit overrated, methinks.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Petrol up !

Starting today, May 5th 2005 (wow, nice date).

7.04 %

That's how much the 10 sen increase is.

I was out last night and wondered why the queues were mile-long at all petrol stations. Cue a call to Bro.

" A ah... harga petrol naik." (Yeah, petrol price up).

Hhmm... economically all price tags have to increase over time of course, but it wasn't that long ago from the last hike was it?

Anyway, can anyone name two items in Malaysia whose price tags hasn't changed at all at least for the last 5 years? There are, really.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Dan Hilang

"Dan hilang semua impianku
Hilang semua harapanku
Hilang bersama resahku
Hilang terbawah arah"

There I was, with Adam and his colleagues chilling at Segafredo on a perfectly fine Sunday afternoon, sipping iced tea, juice and lattes.

And not twenty words passed between us in the first half hour, well okay, maybe more than twenty words were uttered, but not more than double that, tops. As each of us were too busy wallowing in self-pity and frustration on several personal degrees. Due to our failure to get into Planet Hollywood for Peterpan’s showcase. After more than two-hours of waiting in the scorching KL sun and imagining how close we’d be to the stage.

Shyite. We knew by then we should’ve just waited with the bunch of odd-hundred people in front of the entrance instead of dutifully getting to the end of the queue like chickens getting into a coop when we arrived. We though Suki’s idea to be there at 11 a.m. and head in for lunch first would result in a brillianter-than-brilliant coup to get us choice seats and premier view of Ariel and the gang , alas, it turned out there were fans who had actually lined up at the entrance from 8 a.m! (those buggers I’m sure got in and had the premier view instead). Die-hard, these people are. Or mati-keras as we say it in Malay. How frustrating it was to move inch by inch closer to the door, seeing people being admitted in one by one, and when we were like 10 feet away from the entrance, announcement was made that no more tickets were available and would those (who were clamoring and shoving the palm trees outside half to death) whom still didn’t have one please go home. Oh, cruel world.

Mereka yang kecewa

Defeated, we decided to have a drink as we were all dying with thirst anyway and hoped to get a glance of the show which should be shown at the TV facing the walkway while the doors were banged shut (okay, of course they didn’t actually ‘bang’ it, but that’s how we felt). What amazed me was how the guys were able to sit there in almost total silence. If this were a bunch of six girls, we’d be complaining and whatnots and each would be telling the other how upset, discouraged or exasperated (okay they all mean the same thing as frustrated, I consulted the thesaurus) we felt. But the guys just… sat there, each wearing a woeful expression on his face, staring at the door as if willing it to open and suck them into the vortex that is the venue of our much-awaited feel-good afternoon. Me? I spied at the magazine rack a copy of Cleo with the list of fifty Most Eligible Bachelor hopefuls (last month’s copy) and seek my solace in that piece of contemporary literature.

An hour later we parted on our separate ways, and I decided to drag Adam to Times Square and check out the new Borders store. Upon being there, I can’t really understand why some bloggers had groused about the place in their posts. It’s a big bookstore, there are lots of titles available as per other big bookstores, the area is spacious and you can even sit down cross-legged on the carpeted floor without feeling awkward. The extra plus points from me would come from the fact that I found both Isaac Asimov and Jasper Fforde’s titles there. I got myself three books (at the price of two!) that I had my eyes on for quite some time and therefore I declare an aye for Borders - salvation for otherwise a totally wasted afternoon.

Pengubat hati yang luka

[Addendum : Adam told me he saw them at Lotus afterwards (early morning May 2nd). Baru lepas joget mak endang cucuk langit lah tu agaknya. Bleargh. Fat lot that's worth. I want to see them singing, not minum-ing teh tarik.]