Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Free remote loading...NOT!

Enlightenment. Many thanks to LcF for this comment on the previous post:

seems like it disallow offsite image linking. You cannot view the image out side of the website domain. Yahoo! Geocities is using the same policy.
You may need a site that allow offsite image linking.


Being a person with 'minimal IT requirements', I was unaware of that. Think blue pill. Now I've taken the red pill. Which started me on my online search, which got me on to this:

"Free" means ad supported. The ads are added to your html pages. If images are linked remotely, the owner of the service can sell no ads, and then derives no revenue. No free host is likely to allow remote loading.
If you upgrade to a paid account, you can use your image files however you like.

Lee (

(From a discussion thread at The Ultimate Bulletin.)

Ohhhhh.. hahhaahhaha.. hehehehehe... man.. I laughed myself silly over my ignorance regarding this matter. I should have known. No wonder. How appropriate. I scoured through the search results for "free image hosting" "allow remote loading" at Ask Jeeves and found this. So I'm gonna try that list by Loveyducks. The discussion was posted around August 2003, so they can't be that outdated, I suppose.

Being a freerider is getting harder and harder these days... :)

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