Thursday, November 20, 2003

Fun facts for the day

How much for the hot shower?

[ Figures are based on the tariff for TNB domestic customers (households) ]

Cost for the use of....

An air conditioning unit (1 h.p.) on the hot days and nights - 19 sen/hr
A microwave oven (300W) to heat last night's leftover - 0.5 sen/minute
An electric kettle (2400W) for that pot of tea or milo in the morning - 2 sen/litre
A water heater unit (2000W) for that hot shower coz you can't tahan the cold water - 8 sen/minute

Just for fun, go here for rates in other places - Australia, USA (Delaware), UK.

This is a very informative guide on how to choose and use your electrical appliances wisely.
Oh yeah... tomorrow is the start of my raya holidays... (rubbing my hands with glee). Can't. Wait.

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