Sunday, November 02, 2003

Keropok with pasta, anyone?

Ever seen keropok sharing a plate with neapolitan pasta, meatloaf, fish and bread before? Well, now you have!

Went for buka puasa with a few friends at JW Marriott Hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang on Friday. The buffet is at the poolside on the 6th floor, quite a nice layout with the food being spread over a few stations (avoiding long lines), with stalls for briyani, tandoori chicken, roast lamb etc. Rate is RM43+ per adult, RM20 per child below 12. The food was okay, but I think they could've done better. Service was pretty great though.

The glutton in me insists that I have more than one type of salad in the plate.

Now you see it.....

...and now you don't! Almost, anyway. Full already by this time.

P.S: Nope, the plate where the keropok resides happily with the pasta wasn't mine. Really!

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