Sunday, November 23, 2003

Poor gecko

Did some spring cleaning today, found this poor guy at a dusty corner in the kitchen. Wonder how he got stuck there. Or maybe it was suicide.

The atmosphere at home is rather relaxed. A little bit of cleaning and stuff, getting the kuih containers out, calling the gardener to mow the lawn, shopping for food for the next week as most shops will be closed. Anyway true to the raya mood, I'm planning to bake some cookies tonite - Ted's special edition crunchy choc cookies, and a few batches of jam tarts - Mom's yummy recipe. Mom's jam tarts always taste the same, and it's hard to get it like that elsewhere. She usually makes everything from scratch, but this time we decided to try the store-prepared pineapple jam. Hope it'll turn out okay.

According to the calculation method, raya will most probably be on Tuesday, but there's always the possibility that the 'new moon' will be visible tonight, which means raya would be tomorrow then. Will be watching the announcement tonight, to hear this litany year after year - "Maka setelah diperkenankan oleh Yang Dipertuan Agong, maka dengan ini saya sebagai pemegang mohor raja-raja mengisytiharkan..."

Whoops! The sighting (and announcement) is supposed to be on Nov. 24th, not 23rd! I became the butt of their laughs when I asked "Do you think raya will be tomorrow?". It's supposed to be either on Tuesday or Wednesday, NOT on Monday or Tuesday. This is a mistake only kids should make! (blush) Ah well. I was caught in the spirit. Heh heh.

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