Saturday, September 26, 2009

of acceptance and peace, and forgiveness

It's exactly 2 months from the day that she left this world.


Allan told me, u obviously din read wat i wrote abt Yasmin when she died.

I said perhaps not...didn't read the newspapers that much.

He gave me the link. I proceeded to the words that I've missed.

(excerpt) But late Saturday night, my friends and I had no more smiles or laughter. After I received the devastating SMS, my mind was clouded over with confused feelings. One acquaintance regretted never making good on his promise to have lunch with Yasmin, even though their offices were just next to each other. Another regretted not having a single photo taken with her.

“Because I thought she was going to be here for a long time,” he said.

And that is how we usually take people for granted. I have many things left unsaid and unsettled, and I always thought that one day, she and I would be able to look back at all the stupid, angry things we said to each other and laugh."

And fresh tears coursed down my cheeks in the wee hours of this Saturday morning.


Even in her death, Kak Min continues with her legacy of love that she has imprinted on us.

Even in her death, she still managed to bring people together.

So much left still unsaid and unsettled... everyone has a list of this in their to-do pile, and at the end of the day most of it is still within our choice which gets said, and which gets done, and when.

I've came to learn that for some of the instances we may be in good time, while there could be others where the opportunity would be lost forever should we decide to forgo the moments chanced upon us when it did.

I truly believe the way to move forward is to always put our best intentions at heart, and in that way there should be little room for regrets no matter what life dishes to us, and to bravely accept that the things that happened, are supposed to happen. The past can never be changed, but the present and future can still be what we make of it.

And above it all, whichever way things go, God is great and all-knowing, and the greatest peace and forgiveness that one could seek from, of course, is from the Almighty above.


May I thank thee, Allan, our 'il presidente', for this gift of his renewed friendship.
What? Of coz I la blog about this one! ;)