Friday, April 30, 2004

Off you go!

Have a good longggggg weekend, folks! Any long-shelved holiday plans finally to be realized during the next four blissully work-free days?

I have a wedding do (or two) to attend. And a friend's birthday outing. Enough for tired old Ted. Going to rest and hibernate at home the rest of the weekend.


Decided to do away with the 'animated wand' thingy.

At several other sites with similar 'things-that-follow-round-the-pointer' stuff, I found them annoying. Weirdly though, when it was here at this site, I thought it was, erm, nice, heheh. Most probably a biased case of opinion, then.

So off you go! Thank you for your services. What we had was good, but now I need to move on.

A little bunny or a kitty that will chase your cursor if clicked, perhaps?

I sometimes click the one here.

Neko is so darned slow though, Nerr ;)

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