Saturday, April 17, 2004


Sister-in-law lost her baby - she wasn't even sure she was pregnant until she went to the clinic after feeling some pain and discomfort at the area. Apparently the little guy was already around 9- to 10-weeks old. It was a very sad fact, but we accepted the miscarriage as God's will. Tak ada rezeki.

She underwent the D & C procedure (sounds painful, ouch) this afternoon. She looked really out of place in the room, where the other three patients there were either in labor or had just given birth. During the visit, saw Bro taking care of the poor thing- helping her walk to the bathroom, putting on her clothes and all the other stuff that healthy people do for sick people in the hospital. Holding her hand, putting a cool towel on her head. Adjusting the bed. Making sure the slits at the back of her robe does not show. And I heard her crying in the bathroom. And I heard Bro doing his best to comfort her.

That's when I truly realize how much he loves the woman.

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