Monday, May 03, 2004

Good golly, it's came back to life!

PPS is back online! With improvements, too. Woo hoo!

The previous days without PPS made me realize how much I relied on it for my almost-daily dose of Malaysian blogs, direct to my screen via the precious list of pings. Well, I do have my Blogroll, but that is only a very short list of what PPS has to offer - because while I do list currypuffs, char kuay teow, nasi lemak lauk kerang, tuna sandwiches and bread-and-butter as my all-time favorite things to eat (I have them frequently too), I'd also like to have other items available off the menu. Ditto for blogs.

So to the ever so brilliant Aizuddin and the rest of the gang who brought us Project Petaling Street, a big long-due Thank You and a round of applause to all of you! Bravo!

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