Monday, April 12, 2004

A conversation in the car

"Mama, siapa Timbalan Ketua Pengarah kat (her workplace)?"

"Sekarang, Uncle Shukor."

"Wow, terror kan dia."

"Hmm... one of my best friends, Uncle Shukor tu. I've known him from the time he was a young, unmarried guy and unsure of himself, masa tu nak buat presentation pun takut-takut. Tapi sekarang, tengoklah. I think he's going to be Ketua Pengarah nanti. He's in the right place."

"Mama takde can nak jadi Pengarah ke?"

I try to imagine, see where I might be 25 years from now.

Should I be like Uncle Shukor too? Work hard, be at the right places at the right times, do the right things to climb the rungs up and up over the years? It's already there, one just have to climb it, up up and up when one could.

Or would I ever be brave enough to venture out and blaze a trail of my own, where it's up to me to create the ladder, where I'd have the opportunity to scale the heights as high as I want to, as long and as hard as I am willing to. But I know it won't be easy.

One spells comfort zone, the other a challenge.

I'm not saying it's a breeze, all milk and honey la-la-land where I am now, but there are decisions that I have to make sometime in the future, and I have to start thinking about them now. And it's always one or the other, as choices are wont to be.

All the pros and cons.... I just don't want it to be up to a point where it becomes a Hobson's choice.

Or maybe I do.

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