Friday, April 02, 2004


I lost the post. That's what usually happens when you get that I-think-it's-okay- to-not-copy-it-to-a-word-document-or-do-it-as-a-draft-first train of thought. Next time, don't tempt fate.

Here's the gist of it though:

Heavy rain in Klang Valley - almost all train services were interrupted
Train stopped just 100m shy of Serdang station, had to head back towards the city
Decided to get off at Bandar Tasik Selatan and take the ERL to Putrajaya. Genius... not!! Yes, even the so-very-canggih ERL service was not spared
In short wasted spent half an hour stuck in a stationary Komuter train, half an hour at the ERL station, 15 minutes for STAR LRT and finally another hour for someone to pick us up at Bukit Jalil station - a total of two hours and fifteen minutes

And this is what Mom's car looked like when she got home (she parked at the Serdang station):

All these train problems... delays and whatnots makes me wish I could fly.

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