Monday, April 19, 2004

The weekend



Made the 'wise' decision to drive to KL. Trapped in bad traffic on the way to the lunch meet @ Saisaki. Met new blogger-faces in addition to the usual book swap faces although didn't really got to have a chat with everyone -nice meeting every one of you! Poked and stabbed three platefuls of Japanese grub before munching on them (not all items were identifiable), went through two bowls of colorful ice cream and downed countless minute-cups of green tea. Burp. Afterwards drove almost half-an-hour in circles before finally getting further than the 5km radius around KLCC due to a single missed turn (I'm directionally-challenged, remember?). Visited sister-in-law at the hospital. Cooed to babies in the nursery (regardless to the fact that I knew they couldn't actually hear me). One looked especially cute with his little shades under the blue lamp.

Lazed around the house till 5 pm then decided to brave the last day of the PC Fair (a.k.a Pasarmalam Computer Fair). Took the 6 pm train (missed the 5.30 one). Made a couple of purchases and bookings. Last item bought - a Canon printer (during the last half-hour frenzy). Escaped in one piece. Had to lug the big and heavy printer box all the way to the Komuter station, alone. Didn't realize it would be THAT big. And THAT heavy. Exerted enough sweat for the rest of the week.


work work work!

What?? The weekend's over already????

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