Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Choczlatey moments

[Kit-Kat chocolate bar. Not available at Chocz.]

Contrary to popular belief and several other ‘published’ opinions (read: blog posts, heheh), my first encounter with the famous Aztec, an unusual drink from Chocz @ RM8.50/cup (excluding service charges) did not:

  • Sedate me to a state of extreme calmness any more than the usual cup of hot chocolate usually does

  • Render the world to seemingly revolve at a slower pace on its axis and earth time to pass at a fraction of its usual rate of 60 seconds per minute

  • Bestow (fancy word for give) upon me a heightened level of perception; or

  • Make me feel horny, either hormonally-induced desires or in relation to the pointy things that bulls usually have on their heads

  • The hot drink did, however, possess a certain shock factor from the mixture of the piquant chilli with the dark richness of cocoa; leaving a weird but not unpleasant aftertaste where the shock factor gradually diminishes with each hot sip as the concoction swirled in my mouth and played with my taste buds which kept on shooting messages through the nerve-highway to the taste central in my brain, saying, now-this-is-the-taste-of-a-perfectly-good-drink. And the unique cup, oh, I loved it! Looked a bit like a cream jug to me, all white and curved with its cute little ‘spout’.

    The others in our little group were milkshake-devotees, they ordered yummy banana and vanilla-flavored blends. I failed to persuade at least one of them to go for a Nectar, where you get to personally melt chocolate pieces (your choice either white, milk or dark) so the drink will be at the consistency of your heart’s desire, as thick as you like. And the way to drink it is straight from the burner! Sounds heavenly, eh? No need to ponder over what to order during the next stop at Chocz, then.

    Anyway, all of us did however feel soooo sleepy and full afterwards (we had some cheesecake, onion quiche and chocolate tarts as well); the plush green sofa seats were so comfy that it took us awhile to finally get our butts off them and say our goodbyes. Now on that, we echo our agreement in unison.

    P.S – Do try the chocolate tart – like having a perfect, no-frill solid mass of delicious, top-grade chocolate on pastry. Kenyang, I tell you.

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