Saturday, April 03, 2004

The Melaka Connection

These are what Melaka town means to us, today. While we were going in circles around the place, trying in vain to locate that ever-elusive way to the beach of Klebang, we found that Melaka is the Malaysian town with:

  • the most number of petrol stations per km squared. Definitely. With an average of roughly two stations every five minutes’ drive.

  • the most number of mosques, ditto. Average one mosque every 10 minutes’ drive.

  • the most number of ’Sehala’ (One-way Street) signs, ditto. Forgot to count for average.

  • No, we didn’t find our way to Klebang beach. Yes, we did ask for directions from the locals. Defeated, we headed back to the highway and had to drown our sorrow in this:

    [The perfect concoction to soothe the frustrated souls. Thank you, Baskin-Robbins!]

    Other Melaka pics here.

    What, you mean I’ve never told you ’What’s the matter?’ got its own Fotopage already?

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