Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Value Buys at The Times Bookstore

Went to the outlet in KLCC yesterday. They have combination paperbacks of bestsellers where there are two titles in each combo, i.e. you get two novels in one thick book. Price for each book is only RM19.90.

Titles available:

John Grisham (all the ’The’s in his titles eh)
1. (The Partner / The Runaway Jury)
2. (The Client / The Street Lawyer)
3. (The Chamber / The Rainmaker)
4. (The Testament / A Time To Kill)
5. (The Firm / The Pelican Brief)

Jeffrey Archer
1. (The Eleventh Commandment / First Among Equals)
2. (A Matter of Honour / Twelve Red Herrings)
3. (A Quiver Full of Arrows / A Twist in the Tale)
4. (The Prodigal Daughter / Shall We Tell the President?)
5. (Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less / Shall We Tell the President?)

Sidney Sheldon
1. (Nothing Lasts Forever / Tell Me Your Dreams)
2. (The Sands of Time / Windmills of the Gods)

Jackie Collins
1. (Lovers and Gamblers / The Love Killers)
2. (Sinners / Rockstar)

Jack Higgins
1. (Edge of Danger / Pay the Devil)

Ernest Hemingway
1. (For Whom the Bell Tolls / To Have and Have Not)

Michael Crichton
1. (The Great Train Robbery / The Andromeda Strain)

Anne Rice
1. (Pandora / Vittorio)

Ken Follett
1. (The Third Twin / Paper Money)

There are more actually, but these are the most of it.

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