Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Think, people, THINK!


When a change program comes our way,
people tend to be in one of these categories:

MAVERICKS : Let's do it!
GROUPIES : I'll do whatever they say...
SABOTEURS : I'm not gonna toe the line.
DOUBLE AGENTS : I'll only commit when I see proof.

We now have things as above on the 'innerside' of the doors in the office toilets, and the above is the one in my favorite stall to be exact. Big Brother wants me to think hard during those precious minutes. So these days, a few times a day (working-days, that is), I'd be mulling over which one to be.. hmm.. maybe maverick? isn't there a movie to that title? groupie sounds kinda lame... saboteur.. now that sounds wicked... double agent? even better... sounds like Bond or something man.. hmm...

Thought I'd share it with y'all. Ah-ha. Now you know what occupies my grey matters during those precious moments.

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