Monday, January 05, 2004

A certainty

A saying that goes something like this came to mind - There are only two things which are certain in life : taxes, and death.

During a lengthy conversation with one of my best friends, he suddenly went very serious and asked what I would do in the event of his death.

Being the practical being that I am, I told him I'd be very sad of course, shed some tears most probably, say some prayers for his soul, and then life would go on. And that I'd remember him and the memories of our friendship once in a while.

That seemed to satisfy him, and he went on to request something else.

"Will you promise to see to my wife, you know, see how things are with her, maybe talk to her once in a while or something. See how she's doing. I don't know why but lately, these thoughts came to me, and I want to know that in any case at least she'd have you to turn to."

How can I say I won't?

By the way, that's a heavy promise to make there. And I'm touched by the thought as well.

Some people regard such talk as morbid and more often than not would dismiss it with something along the lines "Please don't talk like that" or "Rubbish, you'd live long enough for the both of you to be frolicking in a nursing home together". But that night we explored the probabilities and the what-ifs.

It feels kind of weird, eh, talking about your own mortality.

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