Saturday, January 24, 2004

Cocktales bummer


Venue: The Actors Studio, Bangsar
Date: 24 January 2004 @ 9.00pm
Price: RM 40 (Adults) & RM 20 (Students)

Mother once said, "women, alcohol, and cigarettes will eventually kill you!" Well can't really blame her, she's Indian. COCKTALES is about taking that advice seriously. Confessions of a 'trying to make it in the white mans country' malaysian student that will leave you wet in your pants and still wanting more... an hour of mind blowing stand-up comedy based on one Malaysian student's day to day experience about the trials and tribunals faced by an international student. This show is performed, written and directed by Govin Ruben for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in mid April 2004.Together with Govin are special guests Martin Blum, Terrence Conrad and Kiran Dev.

COCKTALES premiers on Malaysian soil on the 24 of January 2004 for one night only before going Down Under.

Note: Performance restricted to audiences above the age of 18 only and diapers will be provided on request.

[Ya ha, YOU are NOT in time]

Oh no! To think I drove all the way to Bangsar this afternoon specifically for them. Serves me right for not calling in first to check whether the tickets are still available. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to make reservations but was told that they do not accept bookings anymore. In addition, only floor-seating tickets were left, and even those would only be available on the day of the show itself.

So there I was at 2 p.m. (six and a half hours till the show), in front of the ticket counter at The Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre, staring blankly at the event poster with those dreaded words- SOLD OUT- pasted prominently for all to see. I tried asking just in case, alas, it was in vain. Yeah right, like they would put the words ‘Sold Out’ there just for fun and they just wanted to test whether people really, REALLY want to catch the show.

So how now, brown cow? Guess I’ll just have to read the reviews when they come out. And hope that there’ll be a restaging sometime in the (near) future.

Moral of the story
#1 : Once the event is advertised, make your reservations! Even if it's two months away.
#2 : Always call the box office to check whether tickets are still available. Never assume.

[Comfort food to chase the frustration away]

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