Monday, January 12, 2004

Another free lunch gone

On Villagephotos website:

Regarding Free Accounts
Effective 12/2/2003, we have added a plan X to our system that offers a similar service level that free accounts used to feature, but for a very nominal charge. At $5 for a whole 6 months you can store 25 images (each image can be up to 3MB in size) and get 5MB of bandwidth per day for external linking. This is less than $1 a month, at around 3 cents per day.
We do still support free accounts which let you upload and store images, share albums with friends and family, resize, rotate, ect., but you will not be able to externally link the images; that is the only difference.

Thank you to all of our users for supporting and understanding our recent changes.

The Village Photos Staff


Ouch. There goes another down the drain. A plan X? A plan axing the happy, beautiful world of free remote linking, you mean. Boo hoo hoo...

Who? Me? Pay? Erm, there's still Ripway. And Yahoo! Groups. Heh heh. Free-riders, unite!

P.S. : Unfortunately, until I find the time, strength, motivation and patience to re-load the previous pics to another (free) server plus redo the links, all them boxes with tiny Xs shall remain.

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