Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Heyy Ted, whassup…

- Heyy… lama tak dengar cerita.

I read your blog. What’s the matter, right?

- Haha… you found it! Macam mana boleh jumpa?

Blog-hopping. I knew right away it’s you. But why in English?

- Kenapa, tak boleh?

Bukanlah tak boleh… just that somehow I feel you are more honest in bahasa Melayu. Your Melayu-ness gets to me.

- Language is just the medium lah. Yang penting, the point gets through. My melayu-ness? The everyday posts speak of it. Using English does not make me any less Melayu. Anyway, kau bercakap tak guna English?

That’s not the point.

- Then what?

I like it better when you use BM.

- Duh, there's only one post in BM so far.

I like that one best.

- Haha… and look at you. Kau cakap tak guna English? Hah!

As you said, language is just the medium.

- Aik, pulang kat aku balik pulak. I'll do one post for you. In BM. Nak?

Delighted. Honored. Aku tunggu.

- Hey, did you call just to talk about language?

Takdelah. Saja nak say hi jugak.

- Hey, Melayu-ness. Cakap la nak tanya khabar…

O.k.. apa khabar, Ted.

- Surat khabar!!!

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