Sunday, May 16, 2004

Cheap trills

Once he was told,
She liked him, more than just a friend.

He said he never felt that way, would never even think about it.
Told her she was a great friend.
Told her please, let it remain.

She said it's okay, and
told him 'bout the stupid things she did.

They laughed it off in the night.
(But she cried a little inside)

They vowed that things should never change.

They still talk, sometimes.

Then she started calling less and less.

He called one day, but the ring went on.
(She saw his name, and decided he could wait)

She returned his call later that night.

He said it's been a long time, and how do you do.
They went on as usual, had a laugh or two.

He said he missed her voice.

She said really, well she did too,
But a long time it has been,
She'd almost forgotten.
(She lied)

He said he's coming, and will she be there?

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