Saturday, May 15, 2004

I will go again

I thought I was supposed to go to work today, forgetting altogether about the third-Saturday-off policy. I really did. Thankfully Fuzzy mentioned something along the lines of sleeping the Saturday off before having our fast-food dinner on Friday, or else! And what did I do on such a fabulous, office-free day at home?

I discovered Microsoft Picture It!
The program has actually been in the PC all this while but I've never clicked on it before. Man, I love all these programs.... I could spend all day tinkering those pixels.

Anyway, below, is my first collage. Ta-da!

More island pictures?

Bucket And Spade

My bucket and spade is always to me,
The best thing ever to take to the sea,
I love to play making a sand castles,
Far away from this rush and hassle,
But leaving it on the deserted beach,
The tide comes in taking it out of reach
I always take them on holiday with me,
Looking forward to hours of glee,
They are a wonderful toy,
Suitable for a girl or boy,
Roll on to the warm summer time,
When I can get away from the city grime.

- Dorothy Snow -

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