Saturday, May 22, 2004

Saturday rambling

Eek.. I just realized that I may well turn into one of those two-post-per-week bloggers, or perhaps even a weekender (gasp!). Dang. Work has been increasing (both in load and complexity) that I found meself bringing some back home, and yes, actually did it! It's not that I can't do them at work, it's just that I do so want to finish them off as fast as I can so I can breathe better. Plus I often find myself being sidetracked with litte things that need to be tackled urgently now and then, which can in the end accumulate to almost half the day. Hmmm sounds like my time management skills ain't that sharp. Or maybe the way I find it hard to say NO, heck, I've only just realized you can actualy say No even to something that the Boss wants (the immediate Boss, that is, not da Big Honcho though, seen nobody saying No to him yet).

I use a lot of brackets, don't I?

I love blogging. Lets me be so self-indulgent (refer previous posts). It's always I, I, me, I, I, me, me, more me, and I. Well, okay, the occasional we and you. And they. Teehee.

The coming 9th of June is the International Webloggers' Day. Personally I'd (see, always I) prefer the term 'blogger' (sounds catchier)instead of 'weblogger', but the idea wasn't mine, so I'll go with that.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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