Friday, May 21, 2004

Cheap trills 2 : He

always had a smile on his face ate his chicken and pushed away his vege sometimes has this funny way of saying his Rs taught her how to reverse the car out of the ditch held the umbrella for her in the rain seldom had anything bad to say about other people got her to her first live F1 race would go out with her even though he was up all night studying coz he already promised always had on (and most probably still do) Polo Sport perfume was the one she rang when her house was broken into at 4 a.m. (but when he called right back the phone was already taken) took her to the places for the plays she loves so much even the ones he didn't really like always got a funny story to tell and a joke to share said she was one of the nicest girl he ever went out with could talk to her all night and she'd never tire of it broke her heart when he told her he found a girlfriend asked for her advice when should he meet the girl's family pleaded her to call the house for him when there were talk about a suicide attempt after their breakup (it was a lie) continued the friendship when work took him afar didn't push her away when she told him how she really felt would always pick up the phone or return the call if he wasn't there knew he made a mistake when he said he missed her voice told her he might come but she's forgotten when

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