Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Change doing you good?

Only a few-odd days without logging in to the Blogger homepage, and suddenly there's a new look, which I feel seems a little bit loud compared to the old version. Ah, now I know what was it that Ash meant when he mentions the 'dashboard' in his post.

Naturally I'm all game for change, especially those that seem to be for the better. Have yet to explore what those new links are about though.

Speaking of change, there's one that I'm becoming more aware of - age. Urm, you heard right. My metabolism ain't what it used to be these days (read: I'm slowly gaining weight) and the lack of exercise of course doesn't help any, plus I notice that I'm beginning to look at things and react a little more differently over time. Due to age, I suppose. And the package that came along with it.

Anyway, no matter what the numbers are for my age, these two never fail to make the little girl in me squeal with happiness!


[A chocolate birthday cake, and....]



A big bunch of thanks to the group of people whom call themselves MyPFS. Smooooch.

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