Wednesday, December 03, 2003


Quote of the day:

"You cannot beat the.
Invariably it all comes down to the in the end.
The is the uber-word".
From the Blather page

In the Blather page, every other word is linked to the "blathers" made by the "blatherers". Stumbled upon the page while doing a search on jello.

A free overdose of words, guaranteed!

Did you know that you can use jello to dye wool or silk?

The source of the protein in Jell-O is "hide trimmings," animal tissue that is rendered, purified, filtered, and then purified again, leaving a protein called collagen. For Muslims, gelatins are haram (forbidden) unless the sources of the gelatins are plant-based e.g. agar agar (seaweed gelatin), or pectin.

Hmm.... good old agar-agar. Boil in water, add sugar to the sweetness of your liking, put in some food coloring or milk or milo or coconut milk for taste and color, pour into tin tray, leave to cool. They make nice-looking desserts, eh?

Wait, how did this post proceed from the uber-word to agar-agar anyway? Ah well. Doesn't matter :)

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