Wednesday, December 10, 2003

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Directionally-challenged blogger found way to venue, got lost on way back home

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 Dec - Resident blogger of What's the matter?, Ted, a 20-something Piscean female, successfully reached her destination in Bandar Baru Sentul yesterday for an open house function but managed to confuse her way back home and ended deep in the bowels of a housing area near Jalan Gombak before maneuvering a tricky 3-point-turn and finally managing to locate a signboard showing the way to Pusat Bandaraya which prompted her towards a fruitful journey back home via the KL-Seremban highway.

When asked whether it was the lack of signboards proclaiming 'This way back home' or the combination of food which filled her to the max, she opted for "my eyesight is actually better during the day, and the aroma of leftover laksa and currypuffs on the backseat messed my concentration and further dulled my sense of directions".

[ Ted's own handwritten note of provided map ]

The self-confessed directionally-challenged blogger admitted that the provided online map to the venue was very precise, and the instructions very easy to understand but "unfortunately it did not provide the directions to get away from the place (Bandar Baru Sentul), leaving me to fully depend on my already none-too-excellent judgment and guess my way back". She added that she knew she actually had to make a U-turn after the first junction out of Bandar Baru Sentul, but stated that "there was nowhere that I can see to do so". She added that she saw a place where "a lot of vehicles were making u-turns like there was no tomorrow" along the main road, but there was a "No U-turn" sign there and she was on the left-most lane thus making it almost impossible to reach that point safely in time. Spokesperson from the Road and Transportation department could not be reached for further comments on Ted's questionable, or rather lack of driving skills necessary for the Malaysian roads despite passing the standard test for a driver's license at the first attempt. According to dependable sources, the blogger was actually served her first summons even before she passed the driving test, or to be more exact during one of the driving lessons taken under the coaching of a driving school instructor.

This is definitely not the first case when Ted had lost her way in getting around town, regardless whether it was to a new office, special functions' venues, eating joints or even to friends' homes that she'd actually been to before. When asked if any preparation was made towards the possibility of getting lost yesterday, she admitted that she was fully prepared with "a half-full tank of gas and a Touch-N-Go card loaded with RM20, which I reckon would be enough considering driving in KL, (where) sooner or later I'd come across a green signboard showing the way to the (Seremban-bound) highway". She had also fully-charged her cellphone battery, knowing that the situation may turn ugly and she may need to call upon the help of others to direct her towards the correct route. Ted pleas for the public to be kind towards lost drivers, and not make rude remarks or look away with disdain whenever a lost person asks for directions. She wished to remind that "the next lost driver could be your own family or friend, would you turn them away?"

On a happier note, Ted confirmed that she had the way to Bandar Baru Sentul now affixed in her mind (she got lost on the way there twice before), and that she had a smashing time at the party (the currypuffs were her contribution towards the merriment). Ted was heard making the statement "I go to some open houses purely for the food, but this one, it was definitely the company". Although a couple of children latched themselves on her person almost a-third of the time (most probably due to the fact that there wasn't much difference between their heights and hers), Ted did manage to sample a large selection of the food served and declared the fare "scrumptious, delicious and lip-smackingly yummy".

The open house function was a privately-held pot luck party at another blogger's apartment (name withheld for security reasons) and was attended by close to 30 mutual friends and their family members as well as a couple of the venue-provider's own close friends. Reliable sources reported that the party started as early as 11 a.m. and went on even after the end of the live telecast of Miss World 2003. Ted was seen leaving the place around 10 p.m., declaring "it is already quite late" despite demands from several other attendees to hang around a bit longer.

Asked about current blogging activities, it was noted that Ted may not be able to blog as often as usual this week and the next due to job-related matters, but will try to "find the chance for a post or two" or else just make some notes and make up for the lost time when she gets back home. - Blogger Daily

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